Gone Fishin’


I have some good news and some bad news. It’s actually the same piece of news and it’s either good or bad depending upon how you look at it. And perhaps dependant upon your current mood. Knock on wood – you’re currently content.

Just as we did with our YouTube channel late last year, Sexy Nerd Girl is going on indefinite hiatus across all platforms.

We are about to start seeking distribution for our feature film version of Season 1 of Versus Valerie and need to give that process our undivided attention. The fine folks at the Independent Production Fund – which helped fund part of Season 1 – have put our Season 2 funding on hold until next year. Once we’ve found a distribution channel for our Season 1 feature, we’ll re-apply with them next year for our Season 2 funding.

So the soonest you will be seeing any new Sexy Nerd Girl or Versus Valerie content will likely be 2015.

Until then, stay shiny. :)

Superman Gets a GoPro

By now we know GoPros can show us some pretty amazing stuff from up close, like a man falling from orbit or crazy parkour regimens. But what happens when a superhero straps on a cam and goes about their day, fighting crime and leaping tall buildings in a single bound?

It’s a bird… it’ a plane… it’s an overused anti-climactic build-up! But really, it’s an awesome video by YouTubers CorridorDigital featuring a first-person day in the life of Superman that you’ve GOTTA see:

New Harry Potter Words from J.K. Rowling

Whether it’s the effect from a concealment charm or just plain natural stealth, J.K. Rowling’s suddenly published new writing set in the world of Harry Potter.


via harrypotter.wikia.com

Now, before you get hyped and start salivating at the mouth, there are some things you should know:

1. The piece is called History of the Quidditch World Cup, and it’s not a direct prequel or sequel to the HP series. Rather, it’s in the same vein as other companion novellas Fantastic Beats and Where to Find Them and Quidditch Through the Ages.

2. The first half has been published online. For free. BRILLIANT.

3. It’s only available right now on Pottermore.com, of course, and you do need an account to read it. The good news is that signing up is painless and getting started on your journey to wizard or witchhood is actually pretty darn fun. Of course, if you want to skip discovering the wand for you or choosing a pet, you can go right to new stuff.


via harrypotter.wikia.com

If you’re a fan of magic, even just the tiniest little nub, do yourself a favour and check out Part 1 of new Harry Potter literature. Part 2 is set to be released this coming Friday, March 21!

The ENORMOUS Trailer You Have To See

Back in 2012, a comic series called Enormous was created by writer/designer Tim Daniel and artist Mehdi Cheggour. Currently with 4 issues to date, and another expected in June 2014, the series has caught the attention of the folks at Machinima, who are adapting it into a web series.


via bleedingcool.com

FUN. Here’s how things kick off according to the Enormous site:

“In the midst of a planetary crisis for food and fuel, a vast ecological cataclysm has spawned ‘The Enormous’, massive beasts unlike anything ever witnessed. Humankind struggles to stave off extinction and the only law is hunt or be hunted.”

BIG FUN. Machinima has just released the trailer for the series, and you can watch it right now. In fact, I’m just going to place it so conveniently below for you that you won’t have a choice:

Enormous kicks off on Machinima March 20th.

Star Wars Gets Happy

If you have a fear of ear worms, you might want to stop here – this one’s a doozy.

Pharrell Williams’ new song “Happy” burned up the stage at the Oscars this year and got everything toe-tapping and smile-cracking, which was in retrospect the perfect sort of vibe for a show hosted by my girl Ellen.

So catchy and feel-good is this thing that a Tunisian Star Wars fan club has created a video of cosplayers boogeying down on Tatooine… orrr the filming locations of the movies in the Tunisian dessert. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face! Who knew Tusken Raiders could be so smooth?

Nerdified Famous Paintings are the Absolute Best

All you art history majors are going to love this. Actually, all of you who read this site are going to love this, including me (who is not in any way an art history major).

I may not be able to paint, but I can sure as hell Paint.


9gag’s posted a list of 23 famous paintings from history that’ve been… touched up and in my opinion, really improved upon. Nothing too overt, y’know? Just gotta add a touch of 21st century into these babies. Like so:


See? If I didn’t know the giant marshmallow man was inserted, I wouldn’t have even questioned it! Full disclosure – I would am totally going to hang some of these bad boys around the apartment. Here’s the full list  - which one’s your favourite?

Amazing Pictures of Tiny Lego Adventurers

Even the smallest of people-things can have great adventures! British photographer Andrew Whyte has taken photos of tiny Lego adventurers witnessing beautiful things.


via longexposures.co.uk

In fact, Whyte took photos of the little guys every day for a year with his iPhone, calling the series “Legography” – now that’s commitment! What’s really cool is the variety in locations, moods and subjects he captured.


via longexposures.co.uk

Check out this article on fastcocreate.com for details on how he did it, and Andrew Whyte’s own website for the FULL gallery of images. I LOVE THIS.

Man in Texas Gets Stabbed by the Master Sword

This is weeeeirdly true and kind of serious – the guy’s in serious condition…

Let’s take a step back. According to an article by The Independent, a Texan man was hospitalized after a domestic incident involving his ex-wife, ex-wife’s boyfriend and, of course, the man himself, who needless to say got stuck with the pointy end (am I mixing metaphors here?) of The Legend of Zelda‘s Master Sword.


via chelseycosplay.deviantart.com

But there’s more, and this is the real kicker – POTS WERE SMASHED TOO. Or at least one flower pot. Making light of a bad situation, is it too much to ask that the guy wielding the sword was wearing a green tunic? Please?

Check out the full article for details here.

20 3D Gifs You Don’t Need Glasses For

THIS IS TOO COOL. I just discovered an article on Mashable compiling a bunch of gifs with a twist – they’re in 3D. And you don’t need glasseeeessss.

Okay, so the gifs aren’t actually 3D, but that’s part of the magic. Slap on a line or so that’s the same colour as the frame, and your brain can’t tell foreground and background apart. Then with some clever Photoshopping, you can make anything seem like it’s jumping out at you! Check out some examples:


via pgmcanalla.tumblr.com/


via disneyfrozensisters.tumblr.com/


via rodneygroupsncompany.tumblr.com/

See more here.

Terrifying Two-Sentence Horror Stories

I like a good scary story or movie as much as the next person. It’s really interesting to see what fear does to people.


via thebigfatawesomegifparty.tumblr.com

There is a line, methinks, between deserved fear and cheap fear… a lot of movies just startle you in your seat to extract a scream or two. It feels a bit cheap. Then there’s horror that really plants a seed in your mind that later on, no doubt when you’re all alone and trying to fall asleep, blossoms into the most terrifying people-eating plant imaginable.

I just came across a list on Mandatory.com gleaned from Redditors who’ve created pants-wetting horror stories in two sentences. That’s not a lot to work with if you think about it, but trust me:

These. Are. So. Scary.