Dishin’ It Out One More Time

Number 199 has me answering more viewer comments! Obviously since the Bombshell (you bet I’m capitalizing that sucker – it was a big deal for me), a lot of people have been weighing in on my vlog hiatus. So I’ve gotta weigh back!

Plus, I want to make it totally, absolutely, definitely clear – I’ll still be here on my blog! Friends and I are always pumping out cool articles and you can bet your bonnet (or hat, or scarf, or copy of GTA5) that we’ll keep doing that!

But now, to vlog:

Herper Thernksgerverrrrng

Translation: Happy Thanksgiving, at least to all the folks in Canada this weekend!



Mother’s decided for the first time in YEARS that she wants to have Thanksgiving dinner at home this year, made from scratch, instead of going out to a boringly swanky restaurant filled with other people who can’t cook.

…okay, that’s a little unfair. Mother can cook. Just… nothing too complicated. The inside of her oven was permanently blackened by the results of last time’s try (and you can BET she welcomed the strapping young firefighters in with big, open arms).

Anyways, I’m heading over tomorrow to bust out a turkey, crank out some maple syrup mashed potatoes and maybe make a fancy salad! Should be fun! Sans fire department…

You Just Can’t Kill Doctor Who

Just like the man himself, it appears the Doctor Who franchise will just keep regenerating.

As tweeted by yours truly yesterday, it appears the news is true that a bunch of lost episodes of old DW – and I mean old, possibly with the first two Doctors and everything! – have been found an returned to the BBC in London.



Weeeeellllllp! This is AWESOME news for Whovians e’erywhere. If it weren’t for the eps being put onto film and shipped to foreign countries back in the day, we wouldn’t be having these tidbits popping up every now and again.

I’m holding out hope we can get all of them back. Warehouse fires and intentional destruction be damned, think of the possibilities if we had all the Time Lords together?

Thank You, Mr. Marvel

This week I’m giving a huuuge thank-you to one of the most, if not the most, influential people in my life. He’s worn many different faces on many different pages and screens, but he’s always remained the same in a way: delivering moving messages that really matter. Who is he?

Mr. Stan Lee. SENTIMENTAL OVERLOOOAD. And now, to your regularly scheduled vlog: