Winter as an RPG

Happy February, everyone! As is appropriate for mid-winter, it’s gently snowing outside, snowflakes kissing the ground in a deepening blanket of soft, frozen kisses. Poetic.

But peel back that romantic image and you’ve got treacherous conditions, icy walkways and half-frozen slush just WAITING to salt up the boots you cleaned only yesterday after finally putting out some cash to buy them cleaners and polishers and weatherproofers… I see what you did there, Jack Frost…



So really if you think about it, winter is an RPG that needs adventurers; people to strike out into the wind-whipped blizzards and do… okay, pretty mundane things. Like grocery shopping. And laundry.

Thankfully, Dorkly’s got a terrific little comic about just that – hilarious!

7 Math Tricks That’ll Blow Your Mind

Like many (most?) people, math is the Balrog to my Durin. It’s like a cruel joke played on kids from kindergarten to mid-high school… and we’re the punchline.

Despite its inherent evilness, though, numbers can be cool. And when you can do tricks with them, it’s even BETTER. These math tricks are just fun to do on your own, but if you’re ever in a tight situation where seeming numerically brilliant can help you (i.e. impressing date-friendly people and… robberies?), they’re the bomb.



Check out this cool list on to master everything from Celsius to Fahrenheit conversions, square roots and tip percentages in seconds. b00y4h!


Friends! Viewers! Bloggers! The Internet!


2014 has officially rolled into town with a bit of snow and an icy slap in the face from -20°C temps, but I’m still givin’ thanks for the total par-tay that 2013′s been.

I got to make a ton of fun vlogs, meet a lot of great people, go to cons, quit my job from hell and go on some adventures. And yes, there were plenty of wrenches in the gears… I’m still on hiatus from vlogging but life is really excellent right now. I still maintain my YouTube absence won’t be forever! ;)

I want to take a moment say thanks to some folks. I’ve got a great network of friends and contributors on this here blog that take time to write about awesome stuff and share it with me (and you) – they work really hard and make running a website a lot easier!

I also want to thank you – not just a general ‘you’, but YOU specifically… thanks for stopping by to keep up with me and the kickass nerdy things we share. 2014′s gonna be a great year for content, so stay tuned! And if this is your first time reading, then welcome – there’s some wine and a comfy chair just over there. :)

So from I, Valerie Lapomme, to you: Happy New Year!

P.S. Guy says hi too.

A Day in the Life of Chief O’Brien

This is probably simultaneously the saddest and funniest thing you will see all day. The holidays can’t be all merry and cheery, now can they?



Everyone’s favourite transporter chief is having a difficult… life… in artist Jon Adams hilarious series of comics. And if you think about all the things that happened over TNG‘s 7 seasons (not to mention DS9), this is reeeeaaaally true.

Check out the gallery for all 5 episodes!

Heard on the Set of Game of Thrones


via Helen Sloan /

Straight from the official production diary of Game of Thrones, appropriately named, I found a pretty funny post about some things overheard on set that would totally get you arrested out of context. Or at least earn you a wtf look.


Nerdy Epic Meal Time – Please Vote!

Friends! I can’t stress how important this blog post is except by stressing how important this blog post is!

I’ve entered a few of my vlogs into some cool contests on, and this week I’m REALLY close to winning!


If you haven’t caught the Nerdy Epic Meal Time vlog I did a while back on my SexyNerdGirlPresents channel, check it out! If you’ve ever been curious about what might happen when Star Wars meets food, well… this is the answer.

I would MUCHOS appreciate it if you could take 5 seconds to give the video a vote – I’m neck-in-neck with the competition for first place, and the contest ends at midnight GMT on Sunday. All you’ve gotta do is click however many stars in the right corner you think it deserves and you’re done.

Thank you SUPER much in advance, friends!

50 Photos with Perfect Timing

I just came across this super cool collection of photos that were taken with the perfect timing. And I mean perfect.


via Nick Kelly

Some of these were definitely on purpose and probs took a lot of waiting – but others are totally by accident, and that makes them even better!

The site may be in French, but you only need to have eyes to take in the fun. Check out the list – I guarantee you wows and maybe even a couple of lols too. Happy Sunday!

One Week

As of a week ago, my usual schtick around this time of day would be finishing my vlog edits, rendering, exporting and then uploading to YouTube. But… not this time.

It’s been one week since my last vlog and to be honest, it didn’t feel weird until the past couple of days. I haven’t touched my camera set-up and I haven’t taken FCP off my dock but I can’t shake the feeling that something’s missing. Maybe this is what it feels like for recent amputees? Though, to be fair, to a much lesser extent – all limbs accounted for and operational.



I’m still sure this is what I want, though. Despite the occasional tinglies, despite the little voice in the back of my head saying “Shouldn’t you be doing that something right now?”, the hiatus feels good.

As for when I’ll be back to the YouTubes? Dunno yet. Not thinking about it. Right now, all’s I’m thinking about is what kind of poutine to go get.

Mmm… poutine…

This Baby Wins Halloween

The BEST holiday ever is coming up next week and there are soooo many costume ideas flying around out there. Some people out there throw something together the night of to go out and party. Some people spend weeks, maybe even months putting together costumes to blow all other costumes out of the water. I think I’m somewhere in the middle.

I mean, if you’re a hardcore cosplayer, this is your night to SHINE, people! And one dad took that literally.

The following is video proof that this dad and his little baby just won this year’s Halloween. Sorry everyone, but we can still go for runners-up!

What are YOU being for Halloween? Leave a comment and let me know!

Stay Shiny

I was going to write a whole big blog post about my last vlog (for a while), about how much the whole thing means to me, how much I’ve learned about myself and how much making new friends and hearing good AND bad things from them has helped me.

…but then I realized that I already did. Why bother trying to top something when you’ve already hammered it out just how you want it to be?

I’m still on here and doing posts every few days, so please keep in touch! Stay shiny, friends. :)