New Sherlock Season 3 Trailer

Hot out of those PAL-rendering British editing suites is the first full-length trailer for the much-anticipated season 3 of BBC’s Sherlock.

Through shots that are equally cinematic and intimate, we see glimpses into the aftermath of season 2′s jaw-dropping finale. Note that the below trailer does include some basic spoilers, so it’s this writer’s advice to navigate as fast as you can to a DVD player (or some other form of media-watching-technology) and snap up seasons 1 and 2.

Cumberbatch. Freeman. Moffat. Gatiss. EPIC.

Heard on the Set of Game of Thrones


via Helen Sloan /

Straight from the official production diary of Game of Thrones, appropriately named, I found a pretty funny post about some things overheard on set that would totally get you arrested out of context. Or at least earn you a wtf look.


The Night of the Doctor


Okay, so to explain that: this is the 50th year of Doctor Who. 50. Years. Which might not mean much if you’re a Time Lord, but for the linearly-time-challenged, it’s almost a lifetime.

BBC has just released a brand-new mini-episode called The Night of the Doctor that shows the 8th Doctor’s last moments during the yet-unseen Time War, and it’s just SUPER well done. Have a looky:

Breaking Bad Collides with Community S5

The Huffington Post huffed out an exclusive announcement yesterday revealing that Breaking Bad star Jonathan Banks will begin a recurring role on season 5 of Community as Professor Buzz Hickey.


via NBC

For those not (yet) in the know, Banks is well known and feared for his stone-cold “I’ll-handle-it” character on Breaking Bad, of which I am currently almost finished the last season and am more or less continually writhing in anxious torture. But I digress.

This is promising news on top of the promising news that show creator Dan Harmon is returning to the helm after being booted from what I can confidently call a fail of a season 4. Don’t worry, though – good times are on the way.



Eh, he’ll come around. Book it off and gather your study group - Community returns on Jan. 2 at 8pm EST.

A Supercut Tribute to Marcia Wallace

Hilarious actor and sitcom smartass extraordinaire Marcia Wallace passed away recently due to complications from pneumonia. Damn it.

The Simpsons, which has featured Wallace as teacher Edna Krabappel since its inception, featured a heartwarming celebration of the actor in the chalkboard gag of a recent episode (Warning: approaching feels!).


via BBC News

Wallace’s absolutely stellar work as Mrs. Krabappel is Wallace’s best known work, and it’s easy to see why. The character was funny, sarcastic and surprisingly sweet, proving to be a perfect counterpoint to the mischievous Bart. In fact, Bart’s unintentionally cruel prank on her in the classic episode “Bart the Lover“ shows how funny, sensitive and real the show can be.

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Trailer Watch: Helix

Ron Moore’s soon to be back on the TV landscape with January’s premiere of Helix, a sci-fi show about scientists breaking nature and dealing with some serious side-effects.

From what I can put together from the trailer, I’m thinking things like homicidal tendencies, zombie-esque behaviour, and probably a headache or two.

Check out the fresh-off-the-press trailer and leave a comment with what you think. Another Battlestar Galactica? Or something less?

‘Sherlock’ Season 3 Gets Airdates

I’m deducing some serious f@#$ing joy in this post. Turns out the much, MUCH anticipated premiere of season 3 of Sherlock will begin airing on PBS January 19th in its familiar 3 mini-movie-style weekly episodes.



While the British airdates haven’t been announced yet, they’ll presumably air before (it is a BBC production, after all). But regardless of where you are or what channels you get, what’s important is that season 3 of Sherlock will undoubtedly be available online by at LEAST Jan. 19th…

Now, I’m not saying you should skip the TV and deprive the networks of their tune-ins, but, uh… it’s just an option. Let’s be fair, mateys, we’ve all been pirates at some point in time.



And the most important tidbit of all: we’ll finally, FINALLY learn how Sherlock… gets past the thing that happens at the end of season 2. I admit I came close to falling to my doom and revealing a spoiler there.

For many TV fans out there (including this writer), Sherlock marathon party planning begins now…

Celebrities Doing Celebrities

Everybody loves a good impression.

…okay, not everybody, but that’s because they’re usually a terrible Walken impression done by some “wacky” uncle at a family reunion.



There is a subset of impressions that is guaranteed to please, however, and that is what I call “celebrity on celebrity impressions”. A staple of the talk show circuit, a funny and well done impression is always fun. Scanning the Internet to find a bunch isn’t always the best, though. Therefore I present you with a carefully selected batch of the best and most fun…

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BadLipReading Tackles ‘Game of Thrones’

YouTube channel BadLipReading is back at it again with a hysterical look at the poorly-dubbed world of Game of Thrones. What happens when Eddie Stark has just one week to open the most bad-ass medieval theme park around? Throw in a cast of weirdos, poo-flingers and lazy do-nothings and you’ve got the makings of a stoner comedy like no other.

Seriously, this take on Westeros’ favourite figures had me floored laughing – tears rolled down my manly, manly face. That almost never happens. So drop whatever you’re doing and click that big-ass play button below:

If you want more (I know I do), BadLipReading also turns The Walking Dead, Twilight, The Hunger Games and more on their heads. Do it up!

Portlandia Watches BSG… And Can’t Stop

If you’ve never seen weird but hilarious sketch show Portlandia, helmed by SNL‘s Fred Armisen and comedy writer Carrie Brownstein, I recommend you hop on it – it’s on Netflix, so… no excuses.

This particular sketch chronicles many peoples’ descent into Battlestar Galactica (not on Netflix, but why should that stop you? Get on it). It also happens to be friggin’ hilarious.

Happy Monday!