7 Most Annoying People to Watch TV With

Dorkly.com’s hit this thing on the head! We’ve all encountered people who just don’t seem to do well in front of a TV. You think binge-watching is easy? It is an art form, I tell you.


via dorkly.com

Okay, I admit I’m guilty of #1… and definitely #2. But I’m telling you, Guy is a WAY worse #2 than I am (which is why I’m surprised there isn’t an “type” just for him. Shhh!).

Enough of my prattling. Check out the 7 most annoying people to watch TV with with the full list here!

“My Favourite Net Things” – A Classic On YouTube

“My Favorite Net Things” is a classic in the world of geek songs. Set to the tune of “My Favourite Things” from The Sound of Music, it’s fun, catchy and will stay in your head for at least a week (but, like, in a good way).

Tip: Find the lyrics to the song in the YT vid’s description and follow along. You can finally really impress folks at your next LAN party: