Professor X Fires Nightcrawler

Even if Nightcrawler is my favourite X-Men, I still can’t say no to this clip from The Pete Holmes Show of Professor X having a sit-down with the blue mutant and completely and eloquently reaming him out for being who he is. There are some really good zingers in here… take notes, people:

In fact, Professor X isn’t stopping there. You can watch him obliterate 9 of your favourite X-Men, from Wolverine to Storm and Jubilee. So whatever you do… don’t get on X’s bad side?

X-Men, Thou Dost Pwn Verily

I really was under the impression that the X-Men couldn’t get any cooler. Seriously, they’ve got something to please EVERYONE under the sun: weather control, flight, invisibility, laser-sight, telekinesis, telepathy, raw might, magnetism, prolonged life, etc. etc. etc. It’s amazeballs.

But apparently amazeballs can be one-upped:



Artist Nate Hallinan has re-imagined our favourite mutants in a medieval era. Titled “The Order of X”, the series explores fantastical character interpretations, including peeps like Wolverine, Storm, Rogue, Cyclops and more.

Check out the gallery on Nate’s website and be WOWed by the artwork!

Now, I’m going to concentrate reeeaaaal hard and see if I can pull a Lord Xavier and express my gratitude telepathically…

Scientists Find Woman With Super Vision

I recently came across an article that claims scientists have found a woman who can see 99 million more colours than the average person, all due to a fourth “cone” in her eyes.



So aside from learning we use cones to see (and here I thought they were just for ice cream) – THAT’S CRAZY. Can you imagine seeing colours everywhere that there were no names for? You wouldn’t even be able to explain them to anyone.

In my unlearned scientific mind, I imagine her to be exactly like Cyclops, or maybe Superman. Check out all the details in this article and be amaaaazed!

X-Men Love

I never thought we’d see the day. After all, there’s quite a bit of bad blood between them, despite an early friendship. But it’s nice to see that love triumphs all at the end of the day!

What am I talking about?

Well, it turns out that Magneto is officiating the wedding of Professor X! WHAAAAAT!

An interesting ceremony to say the least… I bet Beast could deliver some great speeches, Nightcrawler and Gambit for party tricks… just don’t have Mystique getting mixed up with the bridge, ya know what I mean?


If I had to make a list of the Top 5 things I totally dig about Tim, his ability to surprise me would definitely be on that list.

Tim remembered me mentioning that I don’t know as much as I’d like to about science, and so he planned a night of Science-ee board games and trivia and even brought over some science books on tape to listen to while he made me soup! AMAZING!

…The whole night was kinda themed around the fact that Tim has applied to some schools for next semester, so Tim wants to get in the “science mood”.

The best part was how passionate Tim seemed when he was trying to explain things like density functional theory to me…Tim’s a pro at metaphors and made some amazing comparisons between particles and X-Men characters… Now I feel like a science whiz! And I’m really glad Tim is re-discovering the things he’s passionate about, and that he’s going back to school.

….And I’m also really glad Tim knows all the words to this rap.

Peter Pan syndrome?

I’m just sitting around with Guy right now, playing some Noire and waiting for our pizza to get here before we watch some old episodes of Firefly. I suggested we re-watch the old X-Men movies… but for some reason Guy refused!

Guy’s still pretty bummed about spraining his ankle, and since Marge is still out of town I’m gonna dedicate some time to cheering him up!

I have to say though, as much as I love hanging out with Guy, sometimes I wonder if we depend on each other too much? I mean, you should be able to count on your friends to be there for you no matter what… but sometimes I worry that because Guy knows that I’ll be there for him, he won’t take the risk really opening up to his girlfriends. Next thing you know we’re in our 40’s and Guy has given up on dating because he doesn’t want anyone to tell him he’s too old for a racecar bed!

It’s a real possibility.

Professor XXX!!!!

Do you remember a few days ago when I casually suggested that Guy may be acting like Professor X to psyche himself up for X-Men First Class?

…do I know my bestie…or do I know my bestie?!

Just woke up from a really late night, which ended…at the hospital with Guy! Before anything else I’m going to say that he’s totally alright and not at all injured. And now I will relay the events from last night:

First I met up with Claire for some pre-dancing fun times before making our way to an artist’s co-op where Rinz was spinning at a house party. Gotta love having the sweet DJ hook-ups who will invite you to the most interesting places!

We spend the night dancing. I’m feeling pretty good. I dance with some artsy boys and gals… I have a heated debate about the release of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D…I listen to Rinz spin some old school trip-hop….I have a heated somethin’ else with the dude I was debating about LoZ:OT with…


I check my phone, which I hadn’t done for hours because I was having too much fun, and who wants to be the constant phone-checker at a party anyways? So I check my phone…12 missed calls from Marge!!!

Hoping everything is cool I call Marge back right away. Gotta love Marge, because she can’t help but laugh when she answers her phone. You’ll find out why in a sex…ooops! I mean “in a sec”….freudian keyboard slip? ;)

…I hear Guy in the background, curmudgeon that he is: “I told you NOT to call her again!”

I ask what’s up. Marge tells me there’s been a bit of an accident and Guy’s in the hospital with a sprained ankle. Nothing major, but she has to catch a really early bus to visit her family in Sarnia and thinks Guy should have someone around because he’s pretty bummed and may need some help getting home.

How did this happen you ask? What does this have to do with Professor X??

I am so proud of Guy. I find out…after several attempts of prodding him at the hospital….him and Marge we’re doing a little COSPLAY and there was an accident involving X-Men, a wheel-chair, and some good Ol’ fashioned ROLE PLAY!!!

Who knew Guy had it in him?! You take a Guy to a sex shop as a boy…and he walks out a man!

Guy’s actually being surprisingly not-embarrassed about the whole affair. Which is great, because Guy should totally own his adventurous exploits!

Also, it’s hilarious. I mean…come on! Professor X?

Where did they get the wheelchair????

Not to make this all about me, but this does fit in pretty frakkin well with my new X-Men vlog ;)

Some goooood Med-cin’

What a day off!

I’ll be the first one to admit that sometimes Guy can be a bit of a downer when he’s in a bad mood. And he’s definitely not the first person to offer you sympathy…but in times when ya REALLY need a friend to pick you up, Guy always comes through. Usually two days of consecutive Guy hangouts would be a bit much for me, but after breaking things off with Dylan, quality friend time is exactly what the doctor ordered.

We just finished our run at Ye Olde Shoppe. Guy was feeling so generous he even let me buy the last copy of Chew! Normally if there’s a comic we both want Guy would be all “But I saw it FIRST!” and do some kind of fake-out so he can grab it before I can and literally run with the comic to the register, but today he was actually all “No, you can use the distraction” instead. I wonder if our previous exploits have anything to do with the generosity Guy’s been showing lately! I think YES!!

…Or maaaybe, Guy psyching himself up for X-Men First Class by embodying the patience of Professor X? I wouldn’t put it past Guy, I’ve caught him putting on the dark mysterious act before the Nolan Batman movies.

On our way to spend the rest of the afternoon over some serious gourmet cuisine and a couple pints. Ain’t nothin’ like the beginning of summer to have an excuse to drink beer and read comics over greasy nachos in the middle of the day, right?


As much as I’ve been dreading this conversation, I have to tell Guy about the weird Claire vibe (I kinda chickened out last night!).

What kind of friend would I be if let them hook up, fall in love, have ten thousand babies…and then he finds out that he met the love his life because she was looking to get Eiffel ToweredWhat if Gambit never joined the X-Men???? Valid questions!!!