Job After the Job

They say that idle hands do the devil’s work… which is why I’m keeping my hands busy! Devil ain’t gettin’ these 5-pointed gems…



Since quitting Birk last week, I’ve been picking up more shifts at my other job at Re: Reading – and loving it. So much so that I’m vlogging about it. RIGHT NOW. AT RE: READING.

Although my typing on my phone probably won’t make it into the final cut. Probably.


You guys, this was my boss at the call center I just quit.

Okay, so, bit of a story here. For the past few months, I’ve been pressured to conform more to how my boss wanted me to behave.

Then a few days ago, I was sent an instructional video on how I should be behaving and was told in no uncertain terms that if I didn’t conform I’d be fired.

So then Guy took that video and shared it with some of his “inner circle” hacker-type friends. And voila, my boss became an Internet meme.

That didn’t really sit well with him though. So I quit before he could fire me.

Hopefully, I can get some extra shifts from Re:Reading to make up for it.

Orwellian Nightmare!

Help! I’m trapped in an Orwellian nightmare! I’m at work right now, on my break, just enjoying a hoagie at my desk – and I feel like I’m being watched! The new middle manager here has a hate on me for some reason. But I have no idea why! I’ve been employee of the month here almost every month since I started. My clients love me, and I actually have fun helping them. So why do I feel like I’m getting cut-eye from him…?

Maybe this is some kind of schoolyard thing where the boy who teases you actually likes you? Somehow I think not. :(

But it’s really starting to get my goat – afterall, working at a call centre ain’t no fun if I can’t do it my way. Any other way is just depressing.

trouble in paradise…

I usually really enjoy my work at the call centre, but a new guy started on Jan 1st who is already grinding my gears. Yup, ALREADY!

I don’t want to say too much, lest I get fired, but on his first day he already started getting on my case! It didn’t matter to him that I’m CONSISTENTLY employee of the month *brushes imaginary dirt off shoulder* when he saw me writing on my blog on Tuesday he wrote me up! I only spent 5 minutes on my blog, and it was on my break!

Anyways, I told Guy about this new dictator yesterday but he encouraged me to “stop whining about it”. Everybody hates their boss apparently, and most offices don’t let you use social media at work.

Hmmmmf. I can do my job EXTREMELY well AND still use social media, but I guess the old ways don’t matter to this new guy. >:(


*collapse into soft surface*

I. Am. POOPED. I’ve been swamped covering a bunch of people’s shifts over Christmas and the holidays for the good moneys…but I am TIRED.

Ah well…weekend is close and I’ll have some time to chill then. So excited to sit. And just…be.

Plus, new vlog going up today! It’s a miracle I managed to squeeze it in, but I did! A…Christmas miracle? There WAS a heavenly host of angels singing and mangers and all that…stay tuned!

Back to work, grumble grumble…


I’m calling in sick this morning…even though I’m not actually sick.


1. I got to bed last night at around 2:30am and am HELLA tired.

2. With all the excitement from last night date, I forgot/didn’t get around to making a vlog for today! So I figure I’ll do it this morning while I’m “recovering”.  :)

Plus, now I’ve got the perfect topic to discuss…

Stay tuned!

Wino Abduction

WELL…wine. Lots and lots of wine.

SO MUCH wine, in fact, that our little 1-day trip to wine country has now turned into a 2-day trip…

Mark, my mother and I were all pretty drunk by the time the tours and dinner were done, so we called it a night and stayed at a quaint little B&B.

Nice! Only problem is, I’m supposed to be at work this morning! OOPS.

I thought maybe I could make it in for the afternoon, but as expected fate interfered with my plans in the form of my mother wanting to go see a play at the Shaw Festival in Niagara-on-the-Lake. So I phoned into work sick (which isn’t hard to fake with this hangover…).

Well um, okaaaaay…except the play’s tonight, which means we WON’T be driving back tonight. So…assuming my math is correct…

This 1-day trip turned into a 2-day trip WHICH IS TURNING INTO A 3-DAY TRIP! IT’S MUTATING!!

Euh…I can’t take a day off Birks AND a day off Re: Reading, I need to go home! So while I’m having a good time…I’m feeling a little kidnapped too!

Send aid.


DIXNBALLZ!! I don’t have much time here because of something I’ll explain, but I’ve got some updating to do!

Adam and I met up for our walk last night and we talked…we didn’t really come to a concensus on our feelings or anything but we ended up back close to my place, so he came to hang out for a bit andthenwesortofmadeoutandfooledaroundagainANDhestayedover.

I don’t even know how to process all of this and organize my feelings yet though because now I’ve slept in and I’m LATE FOR WORK!! Gotta run!

Food Oh-Baby Oh Babies!!

Ohhhh yeahhh boi!

I have THE MOST DELICIOUS ice cream food baby right now.  Total satisfaction? Check-a-rooni!

…it was really amazing talking with Mother tonight! She was SUPER low pressure about everything, and we just kinda chatted about Battlestar, and the people at improv…it was really great to just take my mind off the heavy stuff and relax! Concentrate on some heavy whip instead, ya know?

And another thing!

Mother, maverick shopper that she is, made me realize something else I wouldn’t have thought of- I really haven’t been enjoying the perks of having two jobs!  So tonight, I’ve decided to settle under a blanket, and catch up on some well deserved online shopping.

Hello, new living room accessories!!