Friend Magnet?

I’m in the bathroom at the club Guy and I are at right now and I had to get this off – things aren’t quite going as planned.

For some reason, it’s like Guy’s attached to my hip tonight…and not reeaaally in a good way. :(

It’s weird how he won’t go dancing with other girls – isn’t that the poin of getting out in the first place? To have fun and meet new people? I tried telling him he should be adventurous and meet some people, but he just got weirdly sulky…especially when I was getting close with other guys.

What’s the deal, Guy??

A very worthwhile read about misogyny.

Howdy! I just read this blog entry that a friend of mine sent me and I think it makes a lot of great points.

After I posted my Gamer Girl Manifesto there was a crazy backlash of comments attacking the women in the video for all kinds of reasons. But the thing I couldn’t understand the most was that people were accusing the women of somehow deserving to be sexually harassed. And these same people went on to further sexually harass them by making all kinds of perverted jokes. WELL in the blog entry I linked to above there is a similar situation described wherein a 15 year old girl posted a picture of herself holding a Carl Sagan book she received for Christmas online…and people responded with threats of anal rape! To a 15 year old girl! Gross.

Anyways…it’s a well written entry, and the comments below are interesting as well.  For example, here’s a response that the blogger wrote to a reader’s comment that questioned why feminists “feed the trolls”:

The “don’t feed the trolls” theory of responding to internet misogyny has been discussed at length. It is a bad, bad idea. Ignoring internet misogyny is exactly what feeds it. It perpetuates the idea that this behavior is acceptable. We need to create a culture that makes it clear that this sort of behavior is flatly unacceptable. And speaking out about it is the only way to do that.

What’s more, it is not appropriate for men to tell women when we should and should not speak out about misogyny. There is a long and ugly history behind that. Please don’t do it. Thanks.

Greta Christina is a cool lady in my books. :)

Oh Guy, You Devil

I love my bff Guy. But man-o-man, he’s so thick sometimes! Take…uh…LAST NIGHT for instance.

We’re at the club where Rinz was DJing. Daft Punk vs Benny Benassi is playing. Guy and me are dancing at the edge of the crowd. Which is a miracle in itself that I was able to pull him away from the wall. He’s 6’4″ and doesn’t exactly like the attention that brings.

So we’re dancing. And this girl Tabby dances over to us. She’s a friend of Rinz’s I met when we played Hedbanz. We get to talking and I discover that Tabby just got dumped by her man. So I say, “Well you should talk to Guy. He just got dumped too. New Year’s Eve!” Well, okay, I didn’t exactly say it…. The music was loud. I yelled it.

Anyways, she keeps dancing with us, exchanges a couple words with Guy. I catch a sparkle in her eye….message to all men: women can communicate through ocular sparkles!

I take my cue and pay Rinz a visit behind his deck. But I’ve got a clear line of sight to Guy and Tabby.

I watch them move closer together :)

And then I’m over the moon when Tabby pulled his face down to hers and starts making out with him! I clap my hands and Rinz notices, cocks his head like “What’s up?”

I point out Guy and Tabby to him just in time for Guy to whisper something in her ear and for her to turn and walk off with a really hurt expression on her face.

“Oh fuck.” I said that.

Guy made a beeline for the exit but I stopped him before he got there. And I was like, “Dude what happened?”

Y’know what he said to me? “I don’t need your help to pick up drunk sluts.” And then he stormed out…WTF!… WTFF!

I felt so bad for Tabby. I found her in the bathroom. I apologized profusely and then held her hair out of her face while she puked.

When I got home, Guy was on the sofa, playing Civ5 on his laptop.

I said, “You’re an idiot sometimes, y’know.”

He said, “What’d I do!?”

I didn’t answer him. I went to bed.

I didn’t talk to him at all this morning. I left for work without saying goodbye. After the door closed behind me, I heard a muted sarcastic “Goodbye!”

Now I’m here at work. Solving other people’s problems.

Any advice interweb?