Winter as an RPG

Happy February, everyone!¬†As is appropriate for mid-winter, it’s gently snowing outside, snowflakes kissing the ground in a deepening blanket of soft, frozen kisses. Poetic.

But peel back that romantic image and you’ve got treacherous conditions, icy walkways and half-frozen slush just WAITING to salt up the boots you cleaned only yesterday after finally putting out some cash to buy them cleaners and polishers and weatherproofers… I see what you did there, Jack Frost…



So really if you think about it, winter is an RPG that needs adventurers; people to strike out into the wind-whipped blizzards and do… okay, pretty mundane things. Like grocery shopping. And laundry.

Thankfully, Dorkly’s got a terrific little comic about just that – hilarious!

Blah blah blaaaah…

BOOOOOOORRREEEEEDDDDD! I know. Only boring people say that they’re bored. Right?

Then call me Miss Boring! I’m feeling sorta depressed today. Just woke up on the wrong side of the bed I guess. Another grey and cold day, the air in my room is dry and stale, and I think I have a serious case of SAD. Plus, not much is happenin’. I mean, I’m loving my brand spankin’ new blog. But my jobs are the same old, my pals are the same old, I still can’t date for another 15 days…I feel like I’ve crawled into a rut and died.

I hate to hear myself complain, but I’m just being honest about how I feel. The thing is that I want to shake things up, I’m just not sure how or where to start. What do you do when you’re feeling bored?

For now I’ll just edit the vlog I recorded yesterday, and then see if I feel inspired… maybe I’ll try a new recipe tonight?