Super Mario Theme on Ancient Chinese Flute

Level up in awesomeness!

I love it when old meets new, and when it involves video games, that’s even better. An ancient Chinese instrument called the “sheng” (which kind of looks like the Capitol, no?) is apparently the perfect – and I mean the perfect – instrument to play the Super Mario Bros. theme on!

Part of me wants to believe they just used this to get the original sound effects in the first place… Mind. Blown.

The Mind-Boggling Pokemon Social Experiment

Website has done something preeeetty amazeballs.

It works like this: using an emulator version of Pokemon Red for Gameboy with some fancy (or apparently pretty simple) bot-work, letters typed into the chat box are read as button presses, allowing a player to play the game with text. COOL, right?



Only what happens when there isn’t just one player? What happens if there are simultaneously thousands?? The result is a kind of organized chaos, but it’s kind of beautiful in a way. SO many people working towards one goal… ahhh…

Or okay, well, a bunch of people and then leagues of trolls looking to mess things up. Such is the Internet, amirite? You can check out the ongoing experiment on and get in on the action!

Professor Oak would approve.

New Elder Scrolls Online Trailer – The Arrival

Here at, we’ve totally got a nerd boner for the upcoming Elder Scrolls Online. So when the latest cinematic trailer for the highly anticipated MMO dropped this morning, this writer’s reaction went a little something like so.

It’s no surprise I’m once again salivating over the quality of the graphics here – if I could shoot lightning from my hands, I’m pretty sure it would actually look like that.

Story-wise, we pick up right where the first trailer leaves off with a confrontation between the Daggerfall Covenant, the Ebonheart Pact and the Aldmeri Dominion – and the arrival of something much, much more sinister.

Beta tests aside, damn it, April 4 – get here sooner.

First Look at Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Gameplay

If you love video games and dig Tolkien fantasy, you’re probably going to like the upcoming Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. And now, it’s been revealed that if you like Assassin’s Creed, you’re also probably going to like this game.



Game studio Monolith and Warner Bros. have released the official gameplay trailer for the upcoming epic and it looks impressive – and familiar too. Visually, ranger Talion’s stride and screen placement are eerily similar to that of the Assassin’s Creed franchise, and with moves like wall-climbing, ground and air combat and stealth, the list of dead-ringer similarities grows. In fact, one developer from the AC games has called out Monolith on snatching code.

But personally, so what? Obviously stealing work isn’t cool (and there’s no official legal action), but a game done in the style of another could be seen as the ultimate compliment, no? Especially a game set in the huge property of Middle-earth.

The graphics are crisp, gameplay is smooth and the demonstration of the nemesis system in action is amazing. Don’t take my word for it; watch the trailer below and see for yourself:

The release date for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor is still not yet set.

This Rap Video About N64 is No N60-Bore

If you’re turned off by the title of this post, don’t blame me – it’s right from the song. Having refreshed my Mario Kart 64 and Star Wars Episode I: Racer skills on my own console last night, I knew as soon as I saw this that more people needed to see this.

In this soon-to-be holiday classic, Brian Firenzi of Video Game High School fame lays down a stoic beat about the intense desire for an N64 under the tree at Christmas. And while he may have missed the sleigh this year, there’s always next to hope for, yeah?

Also, why aren’t there more N64 raps out there?

How The Elder Scrolls Online is Redefining the MMORPG

The Elder Scrolls games have caused quite the splash over the years. If you somehow missed the massive hullaballoo around last November’s release of Skyrim, then consider this my plea to you: go get that thing and play the shit out of it.



Whether you’re a TES fan new or old, there’s something you need to know. Something huge is coming down the pipeline and it’s happening soon. Years in development, Bethesda and ZeniMax Online are taking the rich, storied world of Tamriel and finally booting it online for the enjoyment of – literally – millions.

Only, putting it like that is an understatement; the universe isn’t just being plopped onto some servers for a few players. It’s a redefinition of an MMORPG. And it’s astounding.

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GTA 5: 10 Dump Trucks vs. A Train

In the life of every game, there is a gamer that gets bored with following the rules. Stories can get tired, thoughts wander, and eventually people wonder how many dump trucks it will take to stop a train.

A freight-bearing, mechanical beast of a train.

So, doing what gamers do best, 10 peeps got together in GTA 5 Online and tried to figure it out. Ummm… so is a bridge really the best place to stage this? How many dump trucks does it take to stop a train? Will this saying replace the classic ‘Why did the chicken cross the road?’

Revisit Every Classic Childhood Game in 4 Minutes

Canadian rockers The Motorleague have one boss music video for their song “Failsafes”, best described as one big jet-pack-ride down memory lane: picture modded classic computer video games re-imagined to feature the lyrics from the song:

You’ve gotta respect a band that pays tribute to the Macintosh classic Cross Country Canada in their music video. And on that note, you’ve gotta respect the Cross Country Canada for educating young children about the very real possibility of getting murdered by a hitchhiker while trying to deliver some commodities to Thunder Bay.

The Next Big Thing in Middle-earth Gaming

I’m itching to see the next instalment of Middle-earth on the big screen when The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug hits theatres on December 13.

I’ve worked my way through all of the teasers, trailers, sneak peeks and vlogs YouTube has to offer, and I’m still hungry for more. After all, the holidays are fast-approaching, and what are the holidays without a return to Tolkien?


via Monolith Productions

In the meantime, though, there’s big news on the gaming front. Monolith is hard at work on what’s looking to be a very impressive game: Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. Set in the loosely-chronicled time period between The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, the game follows ranger-turned-wraith Talion and his own personal strife following the death of his family, himself and his subsequent resurrection in the service of Sauron.

What’s really cool about the concept is that it’s set in Mordor before it was transformed into a barren breeding ground for Orcs and your run-of-the-mill evil. While it’s still far from lush, it’s a part of the world never really glimpsed before. Until now. Cue them Isengard horns. is following the project closely, with developer interviews, story and concept details and some artwork too. While there’s still no gameplay footage, GameInformer’s Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor hub is REALLY worth your time. Watch the intro vid below and get excited:

New Call of Duty Trailer Disappoints

The live-action spot for the new Call of Duty: Ghosts game is fun, but there’s something seriously wrong with it. Watch the clip and see for yourself:

Problem: I find it eternally frustrating that the only woman in the thing is Megan Fox, and that immediately one of the guy players starts to hit on her.

We know both of those things are going to irk female players, so why put them in the ad? It’s like saying COD acknowledges that those are standard female play-experiences on their platform and that they are proud of it.

The spot tries to validate her presence by giving her a drone to kill while the other player is distracted by her beauty, but ultimately any ground they gain is tiny in comparison to the steps back they take with the spot in general.

I’m very unimpressed with the COD franchise – they are actively pushing an anti-female gaming agenda, whether they are conscious of it or not.