New Sherlock Season 3 Trailer

Hot out of those PAL-rendering British editing suites is the first full-length trailer for the much-anticipated season 3 of BBC’s Sherlock.

Through shots that are equally cinematic and intimate, we see glimpses into the aftermath of season 2′s jaw-dropping finale. Note that the below trailer does include some basic spoilers, so it’s this writer’s advice to navigate as fast as you can to a DVD player (or some other form of media-watching-technology) and snap up seasons 1 and 2.

Cumberbatch. Freeman. Moffat. Gatiss. EPIC.

Trailer Watch – The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The Internet is buzzing about the new trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 that crawled out of its webby egg yesterday… uh, figuratively.

The point is, the new spot is packed with action, friends, enemies and frenemies. Jamie Foxx is electrifying as Electro while a masked Paul Giamatti rears his iron-plated head as Rhino. And of course, where there’s Spider-man, there’s Harry Osborn, creepily cast as Chronicle‘s Dane DeHaan (another terrific movie, by the way).

Check out the trailer and answer me this – what do you think about all the villain reveals? The choice of villains? How’s this reboot stacking up to the original?

Trailer Watch – The Boxtrolls

We all know movies nowadays are awash with CGI, and while some of it is really, really good, it can feel really, really fake if it’s not done well. Instead of adding depth, dimension and believability to a world, bad graphics suck the life out of it.

So in the age of digi, handmade is making a comeback in a big way. It’s slow, laborious and demands a meticulous attention to detail – and it’s this that makes all the difference.

That’s why the new trailer for The Boxtrolls is so amazing – it doesn’t just show plain old stop motion footage. It shows the CREATION of that motion, stuff you usually only find on the DVDs extra footage.

If nothing else, it’ll give you an appreciation for the art of making stop motion itself. Check it out:

Trailer Watch – Tarzan

This is pretty much the last thing I expected to see a new trailer for. Tarzan? It hasn’t even been 15 years since Disney’s 1999 version!



But okay, okay, let’s just focus on what the trailer’s all about. It’s the same basic story – wild kid raised by apes in the jungle meets civilized hottie Jane – but with some definite new twists. I have to admit, I’m really digging the near-future alien ship angle, and I’m TOTALLY getting an Avatar vibe from this.

The animation is interesting too – it’s not the smooth-edged stuff from Pixar or Dreamworks. It’s got some edges to it, a little bit of grittiness. But I’m having trouble with the writing… and the voice acting. I’m not sold!

Also, ‘Greystoke Industries’? Am I sensing a possible Caprica reference here anyone? Have a look for yourself and let me know what you think – am I way off base here?

Trailer Watch – Maleficent

In the middle of the fairy-tale-to-big-screen movie trend, it was really only a matter of time before we saw Maleficent happen, I think. We’ve seen the story from Sleeping Beauty’s view (and, uh…yawn?) but now we get to see the big bad herself, twisty horns and all.

I’ll be the first to come out and say that I’m not always the biggest Angelina Jolie fan… but holy dixnballz is this casting amazing. I literally can’t think of anyone else who’d be more perfect for the role. I also think I just cut myself on those cheekbones.

P.S. This brings back SUCH big Kingdom Hearts jeebies…

Trailer Watch: Helix

Ron Moore’s soon to be back on the TV landscape with January’s premiere of Helix, a sci-fi show about scientists breaking nature and dealing with some serious side-effects.

From what I can put together from the trailer, I’m thinking things like homicidal tendencies, zombie-esque behaviour, and probably a headache or two.

Check out the fresh-off-the-press trailer and leave a comment with what you think. Another Battlestar Galactica? Or something less?

Trailer Watch – X-Men: Days of Future Past

In the follow-up to October 24th’s 7-second Instagram teaser, today sees the release of the full trailer for 2014′s X-Men: Days of Future Past.

With lots of action but also some tender moments (plus the excellent John Murphy score from Sunshine), this trailer makes a pretty good case for taking a trip to the movies come spring. Have a watch:

X-Men: Days of Future Past Teaser on INSTAGRAM

Truthiness! The Marvel machine has made great use of the Instagram account for X-Men: Days of Future Past. Usually we just get a few behind-the-scenes photos, maybe some posters – which absoutely exists here as well – but throwing out your first sneak-peek trailer here?


Click the pic, check out the 7-second trailer and feel thoroughly teased.



Trailer Watch – Captain America: The Winter Soldier

It’s hot off the presses with a premiere date and everything! The much-anticipated sequel Captain America: The Winter Soldier is set to wave the stars n’ stripes in a pair o’ tights on March 26, 2014. Do I need to say what it’s a sequel to? Don’t make me. Please.

Check out the trailer below containing a buttload of Avengers tie-ins, cast members and shield-catching rainbow-faced baddies: