The True Identity of Andy’s Mom in Toy Story

One of the cornerstones of my childhood is Toy Story. In fact, one of the first things I’ll ask of a newly-met person is if this is true for them too. If it isn’t, there’s trouble.

But Pixar is wily. Clever. They’ll construct their movies to be taken in on one level, understood on a second level and then, if you possess the cunning (and the time), they’ll hit you with even deeper connections and truths. Jon Negroni knows!



As a Pixar theorist, Negroni peels back the shiny exteriors of these animated blockbusters and finds some incredible truths and connections, both within films and between them.

Most recently, Negroni has unveiled a “truth” about who Andy’s mom actually is and how the entire Toy Story universe revolves around her – and it’s absolutely astounding.

Check out the full article here and clutch a pillow or something for comfort/to stifle screams and/or tears.

Toying with the Dead

It’s come to light recently that there are huge (and we’re talking huge) similarities between the plots of [my beloved] Toy Story and [also my beloved, but in a more flesh-ripping, plaguey sort of way] The Walking Dead.

Articles have popped up everywhere online pointing them out – but now one YouTuber’s taken things to the next level by re-creating the eerie Walking Dead opening credits with a Toy Story twist. Worth the watch! Check it out below: