Why Wolverine is one of greatest characters ever created in any genre of fiction

Please allow me to explain to you why Wolverine is not only the greatest comic book character ever created but also one of greatest characters ever created in any genre of fiction.


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Heroes are meant to be characters with whom an audience can sympathize. The audience can put themselves in that character’s shoes; they understand the character’s choices and the motivations for those choices. And from a fantastical point of view, a hero can complete an audience member. They can fill a spiritual vacuum with a mythos that calms our tortured souls (this is how most religions function).

There are 3 qualities to Wolverine that raise him to the iconic context above.

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The Wolverine – Official Trailer

It looks like Marvel stepped up its game and made the Wolverine film that fans really wanted! The style and tone of this trailer prove to me that they have taken the fact that most of the fans of the comic book are more mature seriously.  By all appearances, they have allowed the script and action to live and breathe in the darker aspects of one of comic books’ darker heroes. That excites me a lot.

One of the reasons I like Wolverine is because of the tragedy he experiences watching the world around him grow old.  And, unlike Superman, who suffers a similar fate, Logan lets this depressing fact fester and fuel his rage. I really hope they nailed this film, because as of right now, I can only say that it seems like they are on the right track.