A Supercut Tribute to Marcia Wallace

Hilarious actor and sitcom smartass extraordinaire Marcia Wallace passed away recently due to complications from pneumonia. Damn it.

The Simpsons, which has featured Wallace as teacher Edna Krabappel since its inception, featured a heartwarming celebration of the actor in the chalkboard gag of a recent episode (Warning: approaching feels!).


via BBC News

Wallace’s absolutely stellar work as Mrs. Krabappel is Wallace’s best known work, and it’s easy to see why. The character was funny, sarcastic and surprisingly sweet, proving to be a perfect counterpoint to the mischievous Bart. In fact, Bart’s unintentionally cruel prank on her in the classic episode “Bart the Lover“ shows how funny, sensitive and real the show can be.

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Not Voting for Simpsons T-Shirt Contest Makes Homer Something Something

The online t-shirt company Threadless is a great place to find the coolest shirts to satisfy whatever pop culture thirst you have – a thirst that can only be quenched by wearing a form-fitting piece of cotton on your torso bearing the markings of that particular pop culture fascination.

If you aren’t familiar, it works like this: artists and fans submit shirt designs, other fans vote for them, and the cream rises to the top! It’s a flawless system! Flawless, I tell you!


via threadless.com

Recently they held a contest to celebrate the 25th anniversary of The Simpsons and my inner-Simpsons nerd (read: my entire being) couldn’t be more excited.

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The Simpsons Writers Pick Their Favourite Songs

If your grade school experience was anything like mine, you spent a lot of time secretly watching The Simpsons in your basement, turning the volume almost all the way down and pressing your ear against the television speaker so your parents wouldn’t hear you, and then gleefully sharing your favourite jokes with your classmates the next day (side note: Mom? Trying to forbid me from watching The Simpsons was realistically way worse for my health in the long run).


via wallpapers.brothersoft.com

Whether you were allowed to watch it or not (not that I’m bitter, Mom), our generation grew up with The Simpsons at its best and it’s ingrained in all of us. In fact, I have a theory that if you were to start singing a song from The Simpsons out loud in public, not only would people not look at you strangely, but at least five people in your immediate vicinity would be able to finish it off by heart.

So it was a real treat for me to see that Vulture approached some Simpsons writers and asked them to select their favourite songs from over the course of the show’s lengthy history. Check out the compilation here, and good luck not singing “I hate every ape I see/From chimpan-A to chimpanzee” for the rest of the day.

exciting times!

Okay – feelin’ better!

I thought about my conversation with Tim and realized that THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED. Our relationship will move nice and slow, we’ll still get to see each other (which we’re doing tonight!) and I also get to date other people too! Talk about having some cake and eating it and whatnot..

So, I called up Mr. Dave (the Simpsons quoting machine) and scheduled a drinky date for tomorrow night! Drinks with a perfect gentleman nerd AND I still get to date Tim too? I really don’t know why I was so freaked out before. Just needed some time to think is all. :)

The Kindness of Strangers.

Met up with Guy and Dave tonight for drinks and had a blast! It also helps that the bar we went to has a Star Wars pinball machine that you can play for free but…

Dave and me really hit it off especially… new friendie? I think yes! We have a LOT in common, especially an uncanny ability to memorize Simpsons trivia and quotes. We could have continued singing the score of Streetcar Named Desire the Musical all night if the bar hadn’t closed.

BUT…as we were leaving the bar (and Guy was having a 5th pee…he was pretty really krunk) Dave asked me out on a drink date! I said I’d get back to him on the facebooks…because as much fun as that would probably be (us being ‘mind twins’ and all)…I dunno if me and Tim are exclusive.

I mean, Tim and I have been on a few dates so far, and it’s been going really well…but I don’t want to rush things. I’ll have to ask Tim about where we stand. Open relationship, or are we in for the potential “long haul”?

okkkkkk, mebbe I’ll ask him tomorrow but for now bed…I’m up bright an’ early for work tomorrow!