We Are All Collectors – A Review of Thor: The Dark World

Thor: The Dark World, directed by Alan Taylor (Game of Thrones), is an excellent example of how to make your sequel not only live up to its predecessor but, in some ways, surpass it. Careful, though – here be plot spoilers.


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Like Iron Man 3, Thor 2 is set after the events of The Avengers and is, in some ways, a reaction to that film’s Battle of New York. After a brief flashback to the reign of Odin’s father Bor and his war against the ever-nihilist Dark Elves, led by Malekith, we find ourselves in present day Asgard.

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Top 10 Tom Hiddleston Nerd Moments

Tom Hiddleston, the utterly charming and delightful actor from Thor and The Avengers, has taken the nerd world by storm in the past few years. And it’s not surprising, aforementioned charm and delightfulness aside, that Hiddleston has some pretty impressive nerd cred to boot.

Whether he’s writing an impassioned defense of the importance of superhero movies or just being silly with his fans, he just keeps leaving his proud nerdiness lying around like crumpled Avengers undies.


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So in the interest of science, I’ve conducted an extensive study and found the 10 moments that make Hiddleston the new King of the Geeks…


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Loki Meets the Cookie Monster

Om noms and mischief would be two words that describe the below video that relays an important message about “delayed gratification” and how trying to enslave a race of gods using frost giants probably isn’t a good thing (that second point is a little more subtle, though).

What’s impressive, though, is how Loki, a.k.a. Tom Hiddleston, is still a silver-tongued charmer even when he’s outside of Asgard and hanging out on Sesame Street. Give ‘er a watch:

S.H.I.E.L.D. Is A Go!!

AAAAHHHH!! I couldn’t be more excited! ABC has given its series order for season 1 of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., starring Clark Gregg as MY MAIN MAN Agent Coulson.


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There are a bunch of different theories for how they’ll bring Coulson back in this, after his unfortunate run-in with Loki during The Avengers (the show has been announced it’ll take place after the movie, time-wise).

I’m also super excited to see J. August Richards of Angel fame attached to this – his character title is blank right now, but I hope he’ll be a series regular. He’s played a character named Gunn, for cryin’ out loud.

Anyways, read the full article here for a synopsis and full main cast breakdown and prepare for what’ll hopefully be Marvel candy on screen.

My Allstar Avengers Line-up!

So as promised here’s my Allstar Avengers line-up!  It was way more stressful, than it should have been.  But how can I choose?

My attempt was to combine Classic, New Avengers, and my favourite picks.  I did my best to bring variety of fighting styles (hand-to-hand, psychic, magic, power cosmic, tech), mixed with the most contrasting personality make-up.

I also realized while doing this that this is my equivalent to creating a fantasy football team.  AWESOME.

- Vision

- Iron Man

- Scarlet Witch

- Hulk

- Captain America (Bucky)

- Luke Cage

- Psylocke

- Deathbird (Lilandra’s sister)

- Silver Surfer (Would love to see him on a team)

Leave a comment with your feedback!

Assembling the Avengers…

Guy and I just had an INFURIATING argument over who would be the ideal Avengers roster. I liked the one from the movie, but he had other ideas…

I decided we should film a vlog about the debate, so we did! I’ll edit it, and try to get it up tomorrow at some point!

As for asking him about the internet classes…I didn’t get an invite, nor did I have the courage to ask for one. BUT I did find out that Mother has been chatting away on her online dating site and having a blast! AND Guy did set up a BSG meet-up group for her, which she was less enthusiastic about but she’s going along with it anyways.

No nibbles there yet, but I’m sure they’re a’comin’ soon! I mean, WHO DOESN’T LIKE BSG???

Avengers Assemble!!!!

…was NEVER said in the movie. Not once.

I’m sorry for that spoiler, and I promise there won’t be any more spoilers BUT here are my favourite “general” things about the movie:

1) HULK. Hulk stole that movie! Which is awesome because the two Hulk movies weren’t so great, so it’s like the Hulk has finally been redeemed. And no wonder! Is there any man that could have done a better job than this dreamboat?

2) X-PLO-SIONS!!! New York City got more trashed than I have ever seen it! But that’s what you get I guess when an army of aliens fight six superheroes in the street. Lots of smashing.

3) JOKES. It’s actually funny! THANK YOU JOSS WHEDON. Every character had some pretty good lines, and in their own unique voice too. No uniform character banter, just lots of “Oh Cap…that’s such a YOU thing to say….” The dialogue was delightful.

4) The love stories were very discreet. There were no ‘in your face’ romances. The mission of the movie was to save the world, not to get the girl. There were only a couple ladies in the film, but they were all intelligent and tough as well as sexy. No fluffy arm candy here.

5) Great bad guy! Loki is insane, and to me that’s the best kind of baddie because you never know what they could do next! He’s completely unhinged, morally bankrupt and has nothing to lose…he could do anything, kill anybody, and a good bad guy is integral to an action movie.

All around it was great, I might even see it again! And make sure you stay after BOTH sets of credits for a couple extra bonus scenes!

The only flaw of the night…Guy was over 2 hours late! He didn’t miss any of the movie, but I mostly had to wait in line by myself. Boo. And the reason for his lateness? An internet session with my mother that went long! They were apparently engaged in such a good conversation that he couldn’t just leave. WHAT UNIVERSE HAVE I STUMBLED INTO??

He didn’t really get into what it was that they were talking about that was soooo juicy, and I didn’t want to push him. So instead I am about to call my mother to get the scoop. It’s weird to know that Guy has the inside info on my mother before me, but at least she likes him now which is kinda cool (she never liked him through all of high school).

So this is what is feels like to be in another dimension…