Taylor Swift Attacked at the Grammys

I only caught bits and pieces of the Grammys last weekend – and I’m so, so sad I missed this.

Taylor Swift was really going at it on stage… until the unthinkable happens:

How long until she gets Blanka trolled too, hmm? But you’re right, Ryu – you must train harder. She’s a fearsome opponent…

Why Sansa Stark and Taylor Swift Are The Same Person

It hasn’t ever occurred to this writer that Sansa Stark and Taylor Swift belong in the same sentence, much less in a direct comparison. To be honest, Taylor Swift doesn’t occur much to this writer.

However, Buzzfeed author Ellie Hall has trawled Swift’s lyrics and freezeframed Game of Thrones episodes to make it happen, and the comparison is admittedly pretty interesting and well done.


via jenstayrook.tumblr.com

Read the full article here – definitely worth it, and with some pretty hilarious images to boot!