with a side of scrambled emotions

Surprise! I got a text this morning from Guy that read:

“U have 5 min to get ready”

Five minutes to…why? Who? When? WHAT? Three minutes later, my doorbell rings and lo and behold, there’s Guy, waiting to take me out to breakfast! Again, thanks dude!

But…also again…why? All this attention over the last few days has me really puzzled…where is it coming from? Now I think I know…

I think Guy’s feeling his last break up more than he let on before. It’s hard to go from having someone to spend lots of your time with to…not. And believe me, my door’s open for Guy aaaany time of the day or night if he needs to hang. We’re BFFs, DUH.

So it makes sense that he’d be craving female companionship…he just needs a bit of time to rebuild his confidence. And that I can help him do.



So that surprise Danny mentioned on Thursday? He finally told me:

We’re going to see the TIFF premiere of Joss Whedon’s “Much Ado About Nothing” this afternoon!!!!


Not ONLY is it a super sweet Joss Whedon adventure, it’s got some GREAT actors like Sean Maher, Alexis Denisof and Amy Acker. I swear to anything, if any of those people OR the man himself shows up…

Total. Heart. Failure.

ThankyouthankyouTHANKYOU Danny!!

mystery man

Danny just called and invited me to a “mystery event” on Saturday, pre-empted by a fun night out on Friday.

I’m totally down, but what the heck is this mystery event?? Apparently it’s something “right up my alley”…but frankly, that could be anything from space shuttle travel to destroying a zombie horde (or more pedestrian things like go to concerts and hang out in cafes). Either way, I’m excited/nervous!

I’ll have to cancel with mother for Friday night improv but that’s a-okay by me – I’ve been with her a lot in Montreal and stuff recently where I’d put her before Danny, so skipping this one time?




Nothing like a breath of ‘WTF?’ to really wake a girl up! And I ain’t talking about farts.

Guy’s getting here soon to do a vlog with me about The Dark Knight Rises that opens this weekend, but I just got off the phone with Colin…

I asked him to come out with me – on a date! I always like to do things in person when possible, but I didn’t know when I’d be seeing him again, so…heck phone, why not?

I got the WEIRDEST answer though – he said no, because “he couldn’t do that to Dennis.”

Um…do WHAT to Dennis? Well it turns out, according to the D-bag, that we’re “IN A RELATIONSHIP.”


Time to roll up my sleeves and sort this mess out…

digital floozy

Another email from my mother this morning! Turns out her date last night was only okay…no major sparks. But here’s the kicker: she’s got another one lined up for later this week.


Excuse me while I bust out my fan and Southern accent: “But I ain’t NEVER seen somethin’ so shocking in all mah days!

Seriously, my mother’s really putting herself out there! For someone who was just introduced to the Internet a couple of weeks ago…impressive!

And it makes me think…if MY MOTHER can rock online dating, maybe I can too?

surprise guest!

You’ll never guess who met us here at the condo my mother and I are seeing tonight!

Actually, you might…male, football fan, had drinks with my mother and I last weekend…

Yep! ADAM. Turns out my mother invited him along because he “seems like a hip, young man” who looks like he’s “got an eye for design.”

Um…dunno about that last part, Mother. But even so, things are pretty fun right no actually. More to come on this later – Mother calling to ask me if I think the walk-in closet is big enough.

*eye roll*

A surprise walks in the door…

Today’s looking up from its rocky start…yes, I was late for work, but my boss Christopher, cool as ever, assured me it was okay. Even so, I’ve been working extra hard to make up for it.

But not five minutes ago, a surprise walks in the door! It’s Adam…and he’s brought me lunch because he knew I had to fly out of the house this morning.

That’s really sweet of him! We didn’t bring up the stuff we talked about last night, but…I guess after two bad dates, this third one (which wasn’t really a date at all) turned out to be pretty great.

I’m feeling content and satisfied right now, and no, that’s not JUST my soothed stomach…Adam definitely has something to do with it too.

su-EEEE! Oink Oink!

I’m so happy my boss Dmitri let me leave work a couple of hours early (things were slllooooowww anyways), so now I’m booking it home to work on U.S. Thanksgiving-Muppet-dinner!

I phoned Tim a few minutes and go and told him to come over tonight for a little surprise – so all the pieces are in place.

Except the food. Okay, I know I’m making chicken…but how do I make this thing Muppet-style?

…Okay, a really morbid part of me went to “make pork because of Ms. Piggy”…but it’s not happening, people!!

Hmm…I think I have a Kermit hat somewhere…

So excited for this to happen! Tim ain’t gonna know what hit him. :)

The Guytrix Revelations.

Last night has left me more than a little surprised at Guy……

When I heard the news about him and Lisa, I was totally expecting this.

But what I got was THIS!

Well, sorta. Not that extreme – Guy isn’t happy that Lisa’s moving on from their relationship – but the man is way better than I expected him to be!

What’s puzzling me is WHY? How can he just keep his chin up throughout all this heartbreak? And I definitely know it wasn’t mutual – Guy REALLY cares about Lisa.

I think it’s because he’s holding onto hope that she’ll come back…

Here’s what went down in a nutshell: Lisa really does like Guy – …love, even – …but her ex wants to get back together and she feels like it’s the right time to give that a try.


And Guy’s taking this REALLY well.


Here’s what I think: this break up is a HUGE deal, no sugarcoating involved, and I don’t think it’s quite hit Guy yet. But in the meantime, I’ve gotta be supportive! If he’s decided to try and handle this calmly, then all the power to him.

Anyways, more on this in the coming days, methinks. Verdict: UNREAL.