Superman Gets a GoPro

By now we know GoPros can show us some pretty amazing stuff from up close, like a man falling from orbit or crazy parkour regimens. But what happens when a superhero straps on a cam and goes about their day, fighting crime and leaping tall buildings in a single bound?

It’s a bird… it’ a plane… it’s an overused anti-climactic build-up! But really, it’s an awesome video by YouTubers CorridorDigital featuring a first-person day in the life of Superman that you’ve GOTTA see:

Evolution of the Superman “S”

The new Superman movie is nearly upon us, and whether you’re a die-hard fan of Kal El, or a Johnny-Come-Lately who’s excited for a summer blockbuster, this image posted to Reddit’s r/movies group tracks the visual evolution of Superman’s iconic “S” logo.

My personal favourite is the 1941 logo. That one is snazzy as hell. The bee’s knees, even. Click to expand (you won’t regret it):



Scientists Find Woman With Super Vision

I recently came across an article that claims scientists have found a woman who can see 99 million more colours than the average person, all due to a fourth “cone” in her eyes.



So aside from learning we use cones to see (and here I thought they were just for ice cream) – THAT’S CRAZY. Can you imagine seeing colours everywhere that there were no names for? You wouldn’t even be able to explain them to anyone.

In my unlearned scientific mind, I imagine her to be exactly like Cyclops, or maybe Superman. Check out all the details in this article and be amaaaazed!

Thirteen Images From The New Superman Movie

If you’re anything like me, you’re counting down the days ’til June 14, when the new Superman movie is going to drop. Judging from the trailers, it looks AWESOME.



As a special treat, I scoured Reddit and found some production stills and behind the scene photos to whet your whistle while you wait. Enjoy! Keep reading >

Mr. “Harsh Words” Sideki

Whaaaat?? Guy’s over and we’re partway through our Superman evening but also talking about Adam – and Guy’s being a little harsh!

I told him how we met up and things took a (delightful) turn when we ended back up at my place and Adam stayed the night. Guy’s reaction:

“Sounds like a jerk douchebag who’s playing you for some easy action. Don’t fall for it.”

Guy!! I couldn’t disagree more! Especially since Adam brought me lunch at work on Sunday morning – doesn’t sound like something someone who’s just looking for a lay would do, right?

I’m not saying Adam and I are meant to BE together or anything, but he’s definitely changing my original perceptions of him, for sure.

So pull it outta yo’ ass, Sideki or I’ll get Superman to do it for you!

not birds nor planes

Back to the weekly grind!  Guy and I are getting together tonight to have…

Is it a flock of birds?

Is it more than one plane?

No! It’s a SUPERMAN MARATHON (or just movies 1 and 2). I wonder what he’s gonna say when I tell him about my night with Adam?

I’m thinking something sarcastic with a splash of sardonicism.

All Star Val!

I wish I could uncover a new power like projecting my bioelectric aura onto people…but instead I feel like I’m slowly dying from yellow solar radiation…aka being at work !

Good news for me is, with what little time remains…I can watch this trailer and end up triumphant yet again!

Best comic book to movie EVER!!! If you haven’t yet…watch this movie…if you have …watch it again!!!