Super Mario Theme on Ancient Chinese Flute

Level up in awesomeness!

I love it when old meets new, and when it involves video games, that’s even better. An ancient Chinese instrument called the “sheng” (which kind of looks like the Capitol, no?) is apparently the perfect – and I mean the perfect – instrument to play the Super Mario Bros. theme on!

Part of me wants to believe they just used this to get the original sound effects in the first place… Mind. Blown.

Full Screen Mario

Firstly, I guess I should send an apology to your bosses on this Friday morning – you won’t be getting much work done today.


It’s perhaps surprising it’s taken this long to happen, but Super Mario Bros. is finally, finally online, free-to-play, open-source and full screen! What’s best, it’s got a level editor, meaning you can custom design your own maps or use existing Nintendo levels – the choice is up to you.

Check out the Full Screen Mario website and start playing right away in your browser and welcome in the weekend with a little Goomba bashing.

Like HAL 9000, But Fun!

Programmer, PhD and general cool dude Tom Murphy the 7th  (that’s his real name, how cool is that?) has done what we’ve all dreamed of: taught a computer how to play Mario.



Come on, admit it – despite years of sci-fi tropes that tell us the computers will take us over and blow up the world, we’ve secretly all wanted a cool computer bud to play video games with at some point. Keep reading >

If I could go back in time and show myself anything, it would be this…

I’d love to just pop into the basement after 11-year-old me had just finished Super Mario Bros and show him this video on my iPad. Just to watch his brain explode. Then I’d whisper, ” Everything you love now – Transformers, Ninja Turtles, The Avengers, Spider-man, The Lord of the Rings – it will all look like this one day.”

Lastly, I’d savour the look on my pre-teen face, and disappear.

Thanks FreddieW‘s crew for putting up this amazing work by Brandon Laatsch (@BrandonJLa)!