Star Wars Gets Happy

If you have a fear of ear worms, you might want to stop here – this one’s a doozy.

Pharrell Williams’ new song “Happy” burned up the stage at the Oscars this year and got everything toe-tapping and smile-cracking, which was in retrospect the perfect sort of vibe for a show hosted by my girl Ellen.

So catchy and feel-good is this thing that a Tunisian Star Wars fan club has created a video of cosplayers boogeying down on Tatooine… orrr the filming locations of the movies in the Tunisian dessert. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face! Who knew Tusken Raiders could be so smooth?

New Old Star Wars Set Photos Surface on Twitter

Huuguughghg raaaaaahhgh!

Or, in Wookieespeak, “amazing”! Peter Mayhew, i.e. Chewbacca himself, recently released a batch of old photos from the set of Star Wars. Like, the original set of Star Wars.



In a Tunisian desert far, far away… in a time before smartphones and Instagram… there were still cameras to capture some amazingly candid moments! Everything from Carrie Fisher and her stunt double sun-bathing in the slavekini, to Mark Hamill being stuffed in a bin, there’s a little something for every SW fan under the sun. Or twin suns, if you happen to be on Tatooine.

Rolling them out one by one kept me hooked to Mayhew’s Twitter page too. I see what you did there Chewy.



Check out Mayhew’s feed for more Star Wars/Chewbacca stuff, or this Huff Po article which summarizes everything pretty nicely.

Uuh aarrragghuuhw aarrragghuuhw!

See the Original 1976 Trailer for ‘Star Wars’

Recently released is the original teaser trailer for the movie that was to put out-there science fiction into the mainstream spotlight and spawn one of the largest franchises in the world.

1976 saw the following Star Wars IV: A New Hope teaser released, and it’s… underwhelming? To be fair, it was probably the coolest thing ever seen in 1976, but I have to admit it doesn’t exactly hold its place with today’s modern trailers – but that’s an argument for another day.

What’s particularly interesting is the inclusion of the infamous Star Wars font and logo… is missing. It hasn’t been implemented yet. But I suppose Arial will do in a pinch!

LucasFilm Develops Instant 3D Graphics Rendering, Nixes Post-Production

It’s probably safe to say that LucasFilm has won this round of movie tech. A short on-set video’s been released demonstrating an instant live-action-to-rendered-3D-image tech with C3PO, R2D2 and a storm trooper from Star Wars. And we’re not talking crappy, pixelated graphics either – this stuff looks pretty freakin’ polished.


This tech is similar to the kind developed for creating 3D backgrounds and capturing actors’ expressions on the fly during the filming of Avatar. The difference here is that there’s next to no post-production time needed to produce entirely acceptable graphics, and that’s bananas. I think we’ll see tech like this become more and more mainstream as time goes by, but it does beg the question:

Where are you gonna put all those server farms necessary for processing the data? Answer: a Tattooine-sized space would do nicely. Check out the incredible clip to see the magic in action.

Luke, I Am Going to Teach You Some Spanish (and Portuguese, and German, and…)

Star Wars is one of the most popular film franchises in the world, which means, unsurprisingly, it’s been translated into many languages.

But do any of these other voice actors have the ability to say Darth Vader’s most iconic line like the brilliant James Earl Jones? I would listen to that man read the phone book, or say, the lyrics to Justin Bieber’s “Baby”:

Check out the below video and decide for yourself. Think anyone else measures up to Jones?

Nimbus Machina Is Steampunk Animation At Its Best

Steampunk is a kind of hard to pin down. Is it a genre of fiction? A fashion movement? A way of life? Who the heck knows, man. One thing’s for sure: steampunk LOOKS COOL. Whether it’s cosplay…



…modifying existing modern technology to look bad-ass…



…or re-imagining pop culture mainstays like Star Wars into a steampunk world, steampunk ROCKS, bro!



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Kid Super Win: Post-Surgery Edition

A kid recovering from surgery pretends his walker is an AT-AT. His parents decorate it for him. The entire Internet falls in love at once.


This is just one of the reasons how nerditry can turn bad situations into better ones. Shine a little lightsaber (ooh, too much?) into the darkness.

I’m not crying from the all the heartwarmth or anything, it’s just really dusty in here… so dusty.

Nerd Burns: Obama-Style (No Politics, Just Burn ‘Preciation)

I am a huge fan of a good burn. My favorite Simpsons character is Mr. BURNS. I celebrate Robbie BURNS day. I BURN people just like I BURN back-up discs…regularly!

Okay, none of the above is true, other then my Kelso-level love of a good burn.  However, even I, a connoisseur of burns (burnoisseur?), occasionally come across a burn so classic, so awesome, that it changes the way I see verbal pwnage. Enter: Obama nerd burn.

Obama Star Trek Star Wars

Trying to out-burn him would be illogical. (via

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