Want a New Nerdy Earworm? “Make It So!”

Like many of you, I’ve been singing Frozen‘s hit “Let it Go” non-stop since I saw the movie (sorry, roommates). Here’s the culprit:

Never ones to let a a great song go un-geekified, Toronto’s own nerd duo extraordinaire Debs & Errol have created a brilliant Star Trek: TNG parody of the song, entitled appropriately enough “Make It So”. It’s funny, smart and Debs has got PIPES!

Sorry again, roommates… I’ve got a new song to never stop singing.

Data’s TNG Poem Set to Music

Fact #1: The Internet loves cats.

Fact #2: The Internet loves Star Trek.

Therefore, it was only a matter of time before an ode to the character that is the ultimate Venn Diagram of these two things appeared: Data’s cat Spot.


via weheartit.com

Nerd band extraordinaire The Doubleclicks have taken an original poem by everyone’s favourite space-travelling, evil twin-having, Prime Directive-following android and put it to music.

It’s a darn catchy tune and the video features some pretty sweet in-character dance moves. Wait for it… wait for it…


ENERGIZE – Teleportation a Reality

Sort of. On a small scale. Like a smaaaall scale. Researchers from the University of Queensland have apparently succeeded in transmitting an atom from point to point inside of a microchip.


via funnyjunk.com

So what does this mean? Well, technically, Star Trek-esque teleportation is possible… just not yet, or even in the near future. Disappointing? Sure. What’s a guy to do with the corner he’s kept clear for a transporter pad all these years?

Check out the U of Q’s website (don’t worry, it’s not written in academic dribble) to read more. At the very least, it’s an impressive breakthrough in the use of quantum mechanics. Way to go, science!

Boldly Go To This Dating Website

Did you not care about Ross and Rachel but are a major shipper for Uhura and Spock? Do you wish that, like the Borg, you could share one mind with another being? Does your life seem so “holo” that you want to “deck someone? Are you unsure you’ll ever find the person you want to Pon farr with?

Well, the folks at Star Trek Dating are sure there’s someone that’s just right for you and they think they Khan help (sorry, couldn’t resist).


via StarTrekDating.com

Are you a UK based singleton? Check out this British version whose mission statement is to “beam you Trek fans into the arms of another Trek fan, or a fellow sci-fi lover…”

Star Trek Fandom Takes Weird And Makes It Fascinating!

Star Trek is arguably the original fandom. Trekkies (or Trekkers depending on where you fall on the name debate) have existed since 1967. Fans have created an entire industry around the show. Thousands of fanzines have been written, countless convention panels have discussed every single element of the show and it’s impact, and not one but two documentaries have followed the phenomenon. And let’s not even get into all the really weird fanfiction.

Still, I don’t think anything before or since is as amazing, weird and charming as 1990s commercial for Star Trek: TNG posted by YouTuber Carl Blemming:

Benedict Burns (With Some Pine Burns for Good Measure)

Want to hear some sweet, sweet, burns on Benedict Cumberbatch, courtesy of Simon Pegg? Yes, of course you do!


via @simonpegg

To cut to the chase, skip forward to 3:00 and delight in the glory of verbal burnage! Then go back and listen to the rest of the interview because Pegg and co-star Alice Eve also happen to be super funny and charming:

Rebuttal, Benedict?