Want a New Nerdy Earworm? “Make It So!”

Like many of you, I’ve been singing Frozen‘s hit “Let it Go” non-stop since I saw the movie (sorry, roommates). Here’s the culprit:

Never ones to let a a great song go un-geekified, Toronto’s own nerd duo extraordinaire Debs & Errol have created a brilliant Star Trek: TNG parody of the song, entitled appropriately enough “Make It So”. It’s funny, smart and Debs has got PIPES!

Sorry again, roommates… I’ve got a new song to never stop singing.

A Day in the Life of Chief O’Brien

This is probably simultaneously the saddest and funniest thing you will see all day. The holidays can’t be all merry and cheery, now can they?


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Everyone’s favourite transporter chief is having a difficult… life… in artist Jon Adams hilarious series of comics. And if you think about all the things that happened over TNG‘s 7 seasons (not to mention DS9), this is reeeeaaaally true.

Check out the gallery for all 5 episodes!

Star Trek Does ‘Let It Snow’

‘Tis the season for cheer and Christmas carols, but, uh… what happens when you’re warping through the depths of space far from home? What season is it then?

I imagine this is a typical problem for the crew of the Enterprise, many of whom would¬†love to let it snow. But there isn’t snow in deep space either! So what’s a member of Starfleet to do?

Luckily, Picard and his stalwart crew of officers has the solution:

Data’s TNG Poem Set to Music

Fact #1: The Internet loves cats.

Fact #2: The Internet loves Star Trek.

Therefore, it was only a matter of time before an ode to the character that is the ultimate Venn Diagram of these two things appeared: Data’s cat Spot.


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Nerd band extraordinaire The Doubleclicks¬†have taken an original poem by everyone’s favourite space-travelling, evil twin-having, Prime Directive-following android and put it to music.

It’s a darn catchy tune and the video features some pretty sweet in-character dance moves. Wait for it… wait for it…


‘Thrift Shop Board Games’ Shows You the Weird (and Very Funny) World of Terrible Games

Writer Brian Crosby loves board games. He loves collecting them, he loves playing them and he loves watching reviews about them. However, there’s one thing he seems to love more then any of those things: torturing his friends by forcing them to play the worst board games he can find in his new series “Thrift Shop Board Games”.

In this episode, Crosby and his buddies play a Star Trek: The Next Generation game and the video proves two things: 1) Just because something is popular and entertaining, doesn’t mean it can’t be turned into a confusing, boring product, and 2) That, in the hands of a group of funny dudes, even the most boring game in the world can actually seem kind of fun. Good work guys!

To boldly go… absolutely nowhere.

Welcome to the product of days spent in my apartment. Unwashed, generally gross… but lovin’ me some Star Trek: TNG marathoning!

Seriously though, I would leave my apartment… but the door’s so far away and the place doesn’t even have Jefferies tubes. Also, I don’t have… what do you call it?

Motivation. Of any kind. Must watch more TNG. Resistance is futile…