Trailer Watch – The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The Internet is buzzing about the new trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 that crawled out of its webby egg yesterday… uh, figuratively.

The point is, the new spot is packed with action, friends, enemies and frenemies. Jamie Foxx is electrifying as Electro while a masked Paul Giamatti rears his iron-plated head as Rhino. And of course, where there’s Spider-man, there’s Harry Osborn, creepily cast as Chronicle‘s Dane DeHaan (another terrific movie, by the way).

Check out the trailer and answer me this – what do you think about all the villain reveals? The choice of villains? How’s this reboot stacking up to the original?

5 Goofy Versions of Spider-Man You Might Not Know About

There have been some crazy shake-ups in the Spider-Man storyline recently, what with Doctor Octopus taking over his body in The Superior Spider-Man. But that’s far from the goofiest change that’s happened in Spider-Man’s life; we’ve got five right here:

1) Spider-Hulk



This was actually the second Spider-Man comic book I ever bought.

Basically, Spidey gets a dose of gamma radiation and becomes just like The Incredible Hulk, only in a torn Spider-Man costume. At the time, I went to my dad and said, “Hey, is Spider-Man supposed to be The Hulk, or what? ‘Cause this comic says so.” And my dad said, “Son, that’s the stupidest thing I ever heard.”

He was right. Keep reading >

Superior Spider-Man Lives Up To Its Name

When my friend Jamie recommended the (relatively) new comic book series Superior Spider-Man, I laughed in his face.



“It’s real cool, man, it’s like, Spider-Man’s dead, right, but Doctor Octopus, like, switched brains with him, so now he’s Spider-man, and he’s a dick about it. But, like, Spider-man’s still in the brain as a ghost.”

ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME? It sounded like the most half-assed, bottom of the barrel idea in the history of Spider-man. And I read “Maximum Carnage.” Keep reading >