New Sherlock Season 3 Trailer

Hot out of those PAL-rendering British editing suites is the first full-length trailer for the much-anticipated season 3 of BBC’s Sherlock.

Through shots that are equally cinematic and intimate, we see glimpses into the aftermath of season 2′s jaw-dropping finale. Note that the below trailer does include some basic spoilers, so it’s this writer’s advice to navigate as fast as you can to a DVD player (or some other form of media-watching-technology) and snap up seasons 1 and 2.

Cumberbatch. Freeman. Moffat. Gatiss. EPIC.

‘Sherlock’ Season 3 Gets Airdates

I’m deducing some serious f@#$ing joy in this post. Turns out the much, MUCH anticipated premiere of season 3 of Sherlock will begin airing on PBS January 19th in its familiar 3 mini-movie-style weekly episodes.



While the British airdates haven’t been announced yet, they’ll presumably air before (it is a BBC production, after all). But regardless of where you are or what channels you get, what’s important is that season 3 of Sherlock will undoubtedly be available online by at LEAST Jan. 19th…

Now, I’m not saying you should skip the TV and deprive the networks of their tune-ins, but, uh… it’s just an option. Let’s be fair, mateys, we’ve all been pirates at some point in time.



And the most important tidbit of all: we’ll finally, FINALLY learn how Sherlock… gets past the thing that happens at the end of season 2. I admit I came close to falling to my doom and revealing a spoiler there.

For many TV fans out there (including this writer), Sherlock marathon party planning begins now…

‘Sherlock’ Season 3 Teaser

AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! It’s FINALLY here!! Or… something, anyways. I feel like I’ve grown old and stooped while waiting for BBC’s Sherlock season 3 (though it maaay just be a psychosomatic stoop).

So while I STILL have to wait for the actual thing, I now have 25 seconds of new material (with the promise of more) to salivate over.

P.S. Martin Freeman’s moustache is… quite something.