The Most Beautiful Missed Connection You’ve Ever Read

Redditor SXMGirl posted a beautiful Missed Connection she found on the NYC Craigslist. The original link has since been removed, so here is the text of the original ad. Warning: you may cry (and not just cry – ugly-cry). It’s oh-so dusty in here…



Grand Central – November 1973 – m4w – 58 (Midtown)

“In the fall of 1973 I was studying as a freshman at NYU, and after failing to make my initial train home to Maine, I was rushing through Grand Central on the evening before Thanksgiving 1973 when I spotted you, emerging from one of the railways, with a look of utter confusion on your face. You had the blondest hair I had ever seen, and a plaid dress. I had never seen a plaid dress before.

I was, in those days, terribly shy, and if I am honest with myself, I’ve never shook that stubborn sense of timidity or loneliness in crowds. To this day, trying to explain the uncharacteristic courageousness that seized me in that moment, and inspired me to walk up to you and say “Are you lost?” is almost completely beyond me.

You were studying at Olberlin, and on your way to spend Thanksgiving with your aunt in Jersey City. After explaining to you where you could get a bus, I asked, in spite of knowing it would mean sacrificing my last chance to spend the holiday with my family (and likely infuriate my over-protective mother), if you wanted to get a drink and you said yes.

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Top 9 Ask-Me-Anythings for TV Nerds

Reddit is a great source of info, humour and Internetty funtimes – this is known. It’s also a great platform for writers, content creators and other smart people to pull back the curtain and let redditors see into their lives. Just a little, though – nothing pervy here.



Now take a topic that’s got a great fan base – say TV shows – and give fans the opportunity to ask these creators questions and get direct responses! Genius. Here’s nine great Q&A threads featuring writers from Community, The Simpsons, and more! Keep reading >

Summer is Coming

Inspired DIY-er and Reddit user trickrtreatr has created this amazing Game of Thrones inspired pool noodle throne:


Already incredible. And then enter Redditor IAteAllTheTwix, who’s totally taken it to the next level:


I know, I know… a little bit of Photoshop and it’s kind of breathtaking. Actually, I take that back; it’s TOTALLY breathtaking.

It’s perfect for your next George R.R. Martin-themed pool party. And seriously, I can’t be the first person to think that up. We should all emotionally bare ourselves if we’re going to be accurate too.

Want to read more about the throne and read a LOT of bad/great GoT puns?  Check out the original Reddit thread.

Top 5 Most Fascinating Subreddits

Not sure about that weird site everyone keeps talking about called Reddit? Heard it’s full of trolls who have mastered the art of making you cry?



Yes, like any large community, Reddit has its fair share of goons, but there’s more! SO MUCH MORE! Thousands of subreddits for every conceivable topic! (I even have my own: r/GraphHumor – don’t be jealous, bro).

You don’t even need an account to enjoy these top five fascinating subreddits. Enjoy!

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