Welcome to Night Vale

With Halloween on the way, you might be craving something a little eerie to help pass the time. Sure, you could watch The Shining for the thousandth time… or you could try something new.


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Welcome to Night Vale is a twice monthly podcast told from the perspective of a radio station in a small, supernaturally-tortured desert town. With strange lights in the sky, haunted buildings and a dog park where you should NOT take your dog, you can think of Night Vale as a slightly darker but still humourous version of the infamous Sunnydale.

There are 33 episodes and counting and you can listen in via a host of mediums found on the NV website (I’m a fan of SoundCloud, personally).

Lock your doors, turn off the lights and just try to fall asleep listening to the sounds of Night Vale.

Trying to Make It? Listen to ‘Making It’!

I’m a little late to the podcast party. I haven’t really listened to many, and I find there are hordes out there with dozens – nay, hundreds – of episodes each, which makes it intimidating to want to start… so I just give up. When someone asks me what podcasts I listen to (and I get this question A LOT), I just don’t have an answer. And then those people walk away, and I am alone. Whimper.


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Not anymore! I recently discovered a podcast called Making It which isn’t actually new (though I also haven’t heard anyone talking about it…). In any case, I really like it and that’s all that’s important right now. Hosted by Riki Lindhome from the comedy music duo Garfunkel and Oates, the show does interviews with comedians, actors and writers about how they got to the place where they are today. It’s part of the Nerdist network too, so it has its nerd cred paperwork in order.

As a comedy and film nerd, this podcast is great! Loaded with some of my favourite comedy people as guests, you get to hear the gritty stories of how they made it (SPOILER ALERT: A lot of it is dumb luck!) (SECOND SPOILER ALERT: It’s also a lot of hard work!). As a host, Riki Lindhome is very charming and asks a lot of great questions – if you’re one of those G&O fans that prefer Kate Micucci over Riki Lindhome, you may find yourself switching teams.


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One of the best interviews I’ve heard from the show was with Martin Gero, a Canadian fellow who’s responsible for directing Young People Fucking a few years back, who then went on to work on Bored to Death and The LA Complex. According to the man himself, his career trajectory was so largely based on being at the right place at the right time, though he also extols the virtues of being a likeable person above all else as the fundamental key to your success. Catch the interview here.

It’s great to hear the people whose work you love talk about how they too used to have no money before “made it”. Something else that’s interesting about this podcast is that no one interviewed on Making It seems to truly believe that they have made it, meaning that career success in the arts is a nebulous and ultimately subjective beast. I suppose that’s another spoiler alert… but it’s for your life.

So even if you’re a noob podcaster, have no fear and give the show a listen! And while you’re at it, leave a comment below with some of your favourite podcasts.

‘Fire on the Mound’ – A Podcast Novel

This epic unpublished novel-turned-podcast by William J. Meyer is a beautiful story that takes place on the treacherous island, Naosaleyn, and at only 30 minutes per episode, it’s a must-listen. Trust this writer when I say it’s the perfect fill for your mythical needs when heading to your dreaded day job.

More than just a bunch of characters running around in a rich, mythological land, Fire on the Mound is a story about the conflict and turmoil of growing up and the struggle for power… something we can all relate to. Or at least the first bit, anyway.


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It’s also good to know that listening is all free, which is NUTS considering the quality of what’s in there! You can stream or download all episodes from the official Fire on the Mound website.

I leave you with this task: before season 2 comes out, have a listen so we can all get excited together!

Nothing Mysterious About These Nerds

Mysterious Universe is a lighthearted, science-driven podcast that’s great if you’ve ever wondered about UFOs, ghosts, shadow men, time travel or anything that is not from this world.


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Australian scientists Benjamin Grundy and Aaron Wright cover news headlines and interview experts of the bizarre and unexplained in an informative and sometimes jaw-dropping way. What makes this a really entertaining listen is that the hosts debate these topics in an educational (and sometimes mocking) fashion.

As someone who never bought into the whole “supernatural phenomenon” thing, I have to say Mysterious Universe sure makes it sound plausible. Check out their website!

We’re Alive…and Loving it!

Hey Zombie Lovers (yeah, you get capitals),

For the past couple of years, I’ve been listening to a fantastic podcast called We’re Alive. This post-apocalyptic-serialized podcast has everything – scary 7-foot zombies (when I listen, I picture lickers from Resident Evil), love, excitement, bad mo’fos, helicopters, explosions, the US military, journal writing and sidewalk cracks.

Picture 5

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Each episode is told through one or more character’s perspective, which is a nice way to get to know them and see where their motivation is coming from. It also gives you a chance to like everyone equally, making for higher stakes and nail biting moments – ’cause you really don’t want anyone to die (including the bad guys).

At points, I enjoy this more than The Walking Dead, and that says a lot! If you haven’t heard it, I recommend tuning in, and if you have, SEASON 4 is RUMORED to be coming out March 29th. Yeeeeee!

Go on… have a listen.