You’ll Never See Models the Same Way Again

I’ll begin by confessing a light troll of mine: by “models”, I mean toys. Action figures. Collectibles. Ain’t no fashion-forward people here today.



If you’re still with me, then you’re in for a REAL treat. Photographer Vesa Lehtimäki, a.k.a. Avanaut on Flickr, is kicking some serious sci-fi butt by featuring action figures and toys (mostly from Star Wars and often made of Lego) in some incredible tableaus and scenarios.

They’re obviously toys, but with the amazing incorporation and blending of effects, somehow I just buy this as reality! Here we see an Imperial pilot on Hoth preparing to roast some chestnuts over an open fire – and under a TIE fighter:



Or how about blending model with reality in this image of the Millenium Falcon set down in a forest. Spooky gorgeous.



And it’s not all Star Wars either – who knew Saruman’s Uruk-hai were fans of leaf dust-ups?



There’s so much more to see, so go see it! You can find Avanaut’s Flickr sets here.

What If All the Lights Went Out in Cities? Well, This

The only time I remember something like this actually being remotely possible was during the big northeast blackout in 2003 when a huge portion of the eastern seaboard went down. The sky that night, even in the heart of a lot of big cities, was crystal clear.



Photographer Thierry Cohen seems to have latched onto the idea of a modern world without lights and explored the concept in a series called “Darkened Cities”. Capturing some of the world’s largest metropolises, his process involves stitching together cityscapes and the naked skies above them at the time of the picture, but taken in much more remote areas for clarity.

If nothing else, I think the series will make you stop and think for a moment (maybe about a post-apocalyptic world, maybe about something else). Check out “Darkened Cities” on Cohen’s site and leave a comment below as to what you think.

50 Photos with Perfect Timing

I just came across this super cool collection of photos that were taken with the perfect timing. And I mean perfect.


via Nick Kelly

Some of these were definitely on purpose and probs took a lot of waiting – but others are totally by accident, and that makes them even better!

The site may be in French, but you only need to have eyes to take in the fun. Check out the list – I guarantee you wows and maybe even a couple of lols too. Happy Sunday!

A Bizarre Look at Cosplayers at Home

Anyone who’s ever been to a con of any kind, big or small, has encountered cosplayers. From instantly recognizable amazing feats of tailored genius to amateurs donning a costume piece or two, cosplaying is a staple, perhaps the staple, of modern nerd culture.

Underneath it all, however, are regular people who live in regular homes and have regular jobs. Generally. It’s all very vague.



Austrian photographer Klaus Pichler has combined these two things – cosplayers and regular home life – into a project titled “Just the two of us”. The series depicts die-hard cosplayers at home doing ordinary things like sitting. And ironing. And reading the paper.

Take a look at Pichler’s series on his website and get a peek of a staged, surreal world in which mundane and madness collide.

One Big Hunger Crisis – New Photo Trend

Ever since doing a vlog on some cool photo trends, I’ve been keeping my eye on the Interwebz for fun new stuff. And you know what never fails to disappoint for fun new stuff? Japan.



Inspired by the manga/show Attack on Titan, there are a lot of photos popping up that use perspective in a really cool way to make it look like giants are devouring smaller people. Check out this longer article (with more pics!) – suuuuper creative.