Nerdy Epic Meal Time – Please Vote!

Friends! I can’t stress how important this blog post is except by stressing how important this blog post is!

I’ve entered a few of my vlogs into some cool contests on, and this week I’m REALLY close to winning!


If you haven’t caught the Nerdy Epic Meal Time vlog I did a while back on my SexyNerdGirlPresents channel, check it out! If you’ve ever been curious about what might happen when Star Wars meets food, well… this is the answer.

I would MUCHOS appreciate it if you could take 5 seconds to give the video a vote – I’m neck-in-neck with the competition for first place, and the contest ends at midnight GMT on Sunday. All you’ve gotta do is click however many stars in the right corner you think it deserves and you’re done.

Thank you SUPER much in advance, friends!