Isaac Asimov, Master of Prediction

If you’re into sci-fi, you probably know the name Isaac Asimov. Writer, scientific philosopher and professional bow-tie-wearer, Asimov penned a HUGE number of books within the realm of science, fantasy and mystery.



It makes sense that to write science fiction, you need to know a little something about science… and it appears that Asimov knew a cubic crap-ton (that’s a legitimate form of measure, right?).

This article from lists a bunch of predictions Asimov made in 1964 about how the world would look 50 years in the future – and since 2014 is on our doorstep, it’s a good time to review them.



What’s absolutely amazing, though, is how eerily accurate these are. Isaac Asimov: genius? Or owner of a particularly good magic 8-ball? I’m going to put my credits on the first one. Mr. Asimov, you are Nerd of the Week!

…and have been for 50 years. Bravo, sir.

Ladies Love Cool Ben Schwartz

From Ben Schwartz Fan Blog

via Ben Schwartz Fan Blog

Actually, everyone loves him. Ben Schwartz is the improviser every improviser wants to be. Funny, smart, a great writer – oh, and he plays one of the greatest characters on TV: Jean-Ralphio Saperstein of Parks and Recreation, summed up in this gif:



Jean-Ralphio could be (and basically is) a giant creep. But in the hands of Schwartz, he’s just a giant overeager puppy dog of a guy. A puppy dog that you wouldn’t want in your house for long, but mostly harmless and ridiculous.

If you’re a comedy nerd, you’re probably already familiar with the project that first brought Schwartz to the public’s (well, the geeky public’s) attention: Rejected Jokes. This is an internet channel where Schwartz would perform the jokes that he submitted to SNL and Letterman that they didn’t use:

I was personally a huge fan of the series, because for a comedy nerd and writer it was inspiring to see just how hard Schwartz hustled at his comedy and the sheer volume of jokes he wrote. Also, celebrity cameos!

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Simone Rovellini Is An Internet Hero

Simone Rovellini is the creator of the awesomely weird Exploding Actresses Tumblr. What is that, you ask?  Well it’s exactly what the title suggests:

But Rovellini isn’t willing to rest on his laurels on the turning iconic movie moments into dramatic deaths front. Check out this one:

And like any YouTuber worth their salt, he’s got a reaction video:

Check out Rovellini’s website for some of his brilliant short films. His funny and twisted take on Amelie‘s ”C’est la Vie” was a Vimeo staff pic. Warning, mildly NSFW.

Captain Tight Pants Fixes Everything

Nathan Fillion has earned his place in the pantheon of nerd heroes. He’s played everything from a heroic Captain in a space western, to an adventurous mystery writer (who bears a striking resemblance to another famous TV mystery writer) to a self-absorbed “superhero” with a heck of an impressive set of pipes. Oh, and he also does Shakespeare – no big deal.



However, unlike many other actors, Fillion doesn’t just play a nerd/hero on TV – he is one in real life. And not just because he’s one of the funniest live-tweeters in the business. Nathan Fillion makes the [nerd] world a better place, taking the average convention panel and takes it to a whole other level. Keep reading >