Whipping up a FEAST!

Tonight Guy and I are in the kitchen making a tasty vlog…and a tasty stew!!

I don’t want to spoil anything, but Guy and I are diving into this delicious food blog to start prepping for our Game of Thrones party! (“party” being me and him eating GoT themed snacks during the premiere of the new season on March 31st) One thing I’ve learned tonight though is that STEWS TAKE FOREVER TO COOOOOK!!

Oh well, it’s smelling delicious. :)

Also, speaking of dinners that feel like forever, my mother wants to take me out for supper on Wednesday night. I shouldn’t complain since she’s taking me to this fancy place┬ábut I’m sure as always I’ll be getting grilled.

Grilled…get it? Food puns are fun puns! Okay, back to waiting for meat!

Alright, universe…

*dramatic exhaaaaale*

Message coming in loud and clear! Yeees, Valentine’s Day IS coming up, and yeees, I don’t have a special someone on my arm. But that is by CHOICE.

Let me explain: I just got back from a 2-hour lunch with Mother that was essentially a verbal diary entry for her detailing her V-Day plans with her boyfriend.

a) I’m okay with not knowing these things.

b) If you must know, they’re going to Montreal, where there’s going to be too much romantic canoodling and love-bugging. Yuck.

I don’t want to sound whiny…but first Claire’s V-Day shopping trip for her husband, and now this? Two days in a row? I get it, I’m single, and that’s…fine.


am I a big baby?

I spoke to my mother today and she brought up the present she got last night from Richard. I tried to be cool, but then she started getting really descriptive about how it’s such a thoughtful gift because she carries tension in her chest, and how her thighs get sore and…that was a little too much for me.

I had to change the subject, so I started telling her about the movie I saw on Saturday called “The World Before Her“. Well, I could tell that Indian gender politics was NOT what she wanted to talk about because she got off the phone pretty quick after that.

I feel bad – does not wanting to talk about my mother’s sex life make me a rotten person?

Well happy birthday, Jesus!

Just returned from dinner at Canoe with my mother and her boyfriend Richard. It was a lovely evening, despite Richard’s grilling me about my career prospects…but then during dessert came a little surprise…

I don’t know if this is a typical Christmas gift for a man to give to a woman to celebrate the birth of Christ but Richard gave her…


I think it’s really sweet that they love getting it on, but did he have to give it to her in front of me? Isn’t that a little weird, or am I way off base?

Merry X-Mas!

Happy holidays to all youse guys who celebrate Orthodox Christmas! Merry merry merry!

My mother’s boyfriend celebrates Orthodox Christmas, so he’s taking me and my mother out to celebrate with him tonight. It’s a new experience for me – I’ve never celebrated it before and I’m excited to learn about it.

…I’m also excited for FREE FOOD! FYI – we’re going here. YUMMMMMMM!


I just got a Facebook message from that caterer guy I met last night at my mother’s party…he wants to hang out! What do I dooooooo? Should I just tell him about my vow? Does that sound creepy?

Or do I not respond at all?

Oooor….do I want to break my vow? I was sorta hoping he’d never write me, but at the same time I’m a little glad he did. I don’t know what to dooo!

PS: I ate maybe three schools of shrimp last night at the party and I regret nothing.

Put on your holiday face!

Tonight is the night of my mother’s annual holiday party!! w00t w0000000t!!!

It’s usually full of people I don’t know who are “very important” (so I’m told by my mother), and this party is such a big part of her social calendar that she actually makes me bring clothing “options” to her place in advance so she can pick what I wear.


She’s busy helping the catering staff get set up right now, and wants me to come over and help clean and decorate the place a little more…with tasteful decorative branches and tiny white LED lights I am sure. My mother wants to place to “twinkle”…I think she may have read that in Martha Stewart Living somewhere.

Wish me luck! And Happy Holidays to you too!