Unicorns vs. Trolls: My New Defence Against Jerks

There is a quote going around the Internet that is apparently from Matthew Gray Gubler: Criminal Minds star, director, former Wes Anderson intern and all around cool-seeming guy:

I love this quote, and not just because I had an extensive collection of Lisa Frank unicorn stickers up until a few years ago as a kid.

Sometimes I get really frustrated with all the mean and angry comments out there on the Internet. Nerditry shouldn’t be about trolling and judging; it should be about celebrating what you love, and sharing that love with the world.

Okay, so maybe Gubler was using that unicorn thing as a metaphor. But how sweet is my apartment going to look when it’s full of unicorn paintings? 
Especially when I add this pièce de résistance that I found on a random Google search.  Actually, come to think of it, I might also paint that when I encounter trolls.

So from now on, instead of yelling back at trolls on the Internet, I am going to take a page from the Gubler book and draw me some sweeeeeeet unicorns.