unplugging from the Matrix

Saw the Green Hornet with Sasaki tonight, and came out of the theatre feeling bewildered. Was that a slacker comedy or an action movie? I guess we’ll never know. But the gadgets were amazing – and I’m not even a car person usually!

***Also, I feel like Sasaki could probably pull off some of those Kato moves. Just sayin’.

After the movie though, I checked my phone – Guy had called 6 times and sent 11 texts! Jeez louise…

I sent him back a text saying: “I’ll call you tomorrow, I’m on a date” and he wrote back “so?call me now”. He’s not exactly getting the message. Maybe our 6 hour long Skype conversation was a step in the wrong direction.

This calls for drastic measures. I might have to unplug from the Matrix (ie: turn off my cellphone). Guy needs to spread his wings and learn to fly – like a baby duck!

Am I going crazy…?

Okay. So last night when I had dinner with Andre and Elva (his ladywoman), I was almost positive that she flirted me up under the table with her feet – unbeknownst to Andre of course! But then this morning it just felt like some weird dream…it couldn’t have happened, right? Or maybe she meant to rub Andre’s leg like a purring baby cat…right?


I was sitting by the pool a second ago, and the two of them walked by and she totally winked at me! A sexy wink!

Was that real? Is this just a glitch in the Matrix or is she really coming on to me?