98 Fight Scenes in 5 Minutes

“I’m Through Talking.”

KAPOW! BIFF! ZAM! (Zam?) So begins this awesome supercut/mash-up of almost a hundred awesome (and lame) fight scenes from action movies.

Hopefully they don’t make too many of these or Michael Bay will be out of a job. How many of these flicks do you recognize? Post your score in the comments!

This Mario/Pac Man Mashup Just Made My Day

I love a good mashup! What would Justin Timberlake sound like if he was 8 feet underwater, backed with beats by Lady Gaga and some background quotes from Pulp Fiction?

…I don’t know, but if it exists, I will find it and build a dance party around it (get on that, Internet).

Then there are mashup vids take that awesome and add an additional pinch of awesome (awesome is a key ingredient in any mashup). This Mario vs Pacman one is different: forget the pinches and add a few heaping tablespoons of awesomeness! Try to watch it just once: