green n’ nasty

I’m totally TOTALLY on the verge of she-hulking out right now!!

So much for “clearing things up” with Guy. Let me break things down:

I went over to his place like I said I would, we got to talking and I told him how I felt, and then he called me out on the Muppets thing AGAIN…I said I was sorry but he wouldn’t take it! WHY NOT??

Then he pulled a punch and said I should just go back to Tim and hang out with him because I’m “there all the time anyways.” Really, Guy?

Try NO! I hardly saw Tim at all last week and when we tried to do a movie night, Guy invited himself over!! So I told him it wasn’t anything worse than how he was with Lisa…that got him really angry, and I probably shouldn’t have said it…but I have to admit, it felt GOOD. It’s the truth after all.

Now I’m just FUMING and ready to deck a kitten or something (no kittens around, though…). Hitting up the drums on expert in Rock Band might help…

Apologies in advance to those drum pads. NOT a good night, thank you very much…

homeward bound

Poor, poor, POOR Guy…

It turns out the break up with Lisa was finally too much for him to handle. After Lisa texted on Friday to say hi, he messaged her back yesterday to ask if she wanted to hang out that evening…but she said she had plans with her now-boyfriend-again.

I think it really just hit home when that happened – Lisa used to drop everything to be with Guy, but now that she’s seeing someone else…

Anyways, Guy just kind of melted down last night (I won’t go into specifics because I’m not heartless) during the worst of which he was trying to phone me…of course I was asleep, so I couldn’t pick up!


I know, I know, I couldn’t have predicted it, etc. etc. but at the same time, I wasn’t there for my best friend when he needed me MOST. And that for me is like a punch to the gut.

I just asked Tim if we could head home early today than we planned. He said fine (sweet as always) and that he understood – we got everything done that we needed to yesterday anyways.

Hang in there, Guy. Hugs and comfort food are on the way!!


My alarm this morning sounded something like this.

I woke up from an otherwise great sleep to SIX (6) messages from Guy on my phone that were sent between 1 and 4am this morning!!

He had a TOTAL meltdown last night about Lisa, and from the sounds of it, Chernobyl was a little spill compared to this.

I just feel so terrible I wasn’t there to help!! Gotta phone him now.

A foot in the wrong door…

I feel like my mental mouth just ate a mental dandelion…

Vague? Let me clear that up.

You know when a situation gets so distasteful it just makes you go “URGH” and make one of these?

I just got off the phone with Guy who just got off the phone with Lisa…sort of. Apparently she messaged him to say ‘hi’ and that sent Guy into a really excited and upbeat tizzy.

Nothing wrong with being excited and upbeat – but it’s for the wrong reasons!!

Guy’s still attached to Lisa like Davy Jones would be to a make-out buddy. So when she messages him and he gets really excited, well…he’s just feeding off of false hope!

It’s misleading! Just-RRGH!! I feel like Lisa’s sending Guy the wrong signals when they just broke up and she’s getting back together with her ex…aka, Not. With. Guy. Anymore.

And I don’t think she’s doing it maliciously, but it’s just SO NOT COOL to toy with someone’s emotions, especially Guy.

I don’t want to be annoying and have to tell Lisa to knock it off, but…if it keeps up, maybe I’ll have to?

The Guytrix Revelations.

Last night has left me more than a little surprised at Guy……

When I heard the news about him and Lisa, I was totally expecting this.

But what I got was THIS!

Well, sorta. Not that extreme – Guy isn’t happy that Lisa’s moving on from their relationship – but the man is way better than I expected him to be!

What’s puzzling me is WHY? How can he just keep his chin up throughout all this heartbreak? And I definitely know it wasn’t mutual – Guy REALLY cares about Lisa.

I think it’s because he’s holding onto hope that she’ll come back…

Here’s what went down in a nutshell: Lisa really does like Guy – …love, even – …but her ex wants to get back together and she feels like it’s the right time to give that a try.


And Guy’s taking this REALLY well.


Here’s what I think: this break up is a HUGE deal, no sugarcoating involved, and I don’t think it’s quite hit Guy yet. But in the meantime, I’ve gotta be supportive! If he’s decided to try and handle this calmly, then all the power to him.

Anyways, more on this in the coming days, methinks. Verdict: UNREAL.


AHHHHHHH!!!!!!  THIS IS BAD!!! …Like, really bad.

…Lisa and Guy are over. Guy got dumped.

I just got off the phone with Lisa who called me in tears, after calling Guy. She feels SUPER bad about calling it quits with him, but she didn’t feel right about being with Guy when she knew she wasn’t totally over her ex. She also says that she figures she should give the relationship with her ex a chance if he’s up for it, since they already have a history together. But she still REALLY cares about Guy. This sucks so much for both of them. :(

Lisa told me she was actually afraid to call me because she thought I’d be mad at HER for breaking up with Guy. Of course, I am sad for Guy, but I don’t think this was a “who’s right and who’s wrong situation”…just bad timing you know?  So I agreed to hang with Lisa sometime this week and talk about it more…

I’m worried about Guy though. He hasn’t called me or responded to my tentative text of…”wanna talk?” I guess he’s just absorbing it and hopefully I’ll go over there later.

In the meantime, I’m gonna make Guy a treat. Leftover Halloween candy-filled cookies perhaps?

my buddy. :)

Sorry I didn’t post anything yesterday but after work I went straight to Guy’s for an emergency hangout! He had plans with Lisa to go see a movie and she bailed on him. He called me up completely anxiety ridden to get my take on the whole situation…is Lisa falling out of love with him?

Ugh. I don’t know. I mean, everybody in a relationship secretly has that terrible worry buried in the back of their mind, and when their partner becomes distant sometimes the fear pops into the foreground and your imagination takes over with all kinds of awful thoughts. It’s the WORST. But…most of the time it’s just your fears running wild and there’s nothing to worry about. I think if Lisa has a problem – she would talk to Guy. She’s a big girl, right?

Poor Guy. I love him so (in a friendly way!!) and I hate to see him this upset.

And I’m SO over the tiny fight we had on Wednesday too…what’s a tiny fight between people who have been friends as long as we have? :)




*air kick*

Sometimes I SERIOUSLY hate Guy!!! He can be such a DINKUS…It drives me CRAZY …grrr…

So last night, Guy came over to hang out, which was his idea in the first place…and we got into a fight about DC Rebirth. Guy was being a TOTAL ASS-HAT about it!

*air kicks again*


Being friends with Guy is sorta like having a brother. And not having any siblings growing up I suppose I missed out on all the training for these kinds of kerfuffles…I never had to fight for the remote or anything, ya know? BUT, Guy and I usually like the same things anyways! I guess now I’ll have to cross out DC Rebirth from the list of things Guy and I can dig together…boo.

Once I get all the air kicking outta my system (a few more should do the trick….*air kick*), I can be real about what happened last night. I mean, Guy knows a whole of a lot about DC Rebirth for someone who thinks it’s “fucking stupid”…which leads me to think, maybe, Guy isn’t SO anti-DcRebee.

Actually, I think Guy is probably just upset about Lisa. I know she’s being distant, and I noticed every time he checked his phone last night for texts he got a leeetle bit meaner when there was nothing there.

So. I am going to forgive Guy…because in the end he is like my brother and I want him to be happy…and I am feeling for his secret heartaches right now.

*mopey, apathetic air kick*

Alright, I am definitely feeling more bummed about Guy hurtin’ over Lisa than I am mad about our DC Rebirth fight now…

*satisfied and sympathetic air kick*

…and we’re back! Thanks for listening.

Holy Halloween, Batgang!

Everything is ready to go for this afternoon/tonight! Halloween only happens once a year, or maybe twice since it’s actually Monday (and Monday isn’t the best for getting one’s party on).

But the point is – IT’S GOING TO BE AWESOME.

How awesome you ask? Here’s the itinerary:

1. Guy, Lisa and Tim come over to play some Arkham City! I’ve only played a little since it came out, so I really need to dig in. All I know is my tears cried tears of joy the first time I saw it…

2. HALLOWEEN PARTYING TONIGHT! The themed group costume idea totally pulled through, and in no small part to J.J.! He suggested we go Batgang – Guy as Batman, Lisa as Catwoman, Tim as Robin (ha!) and me as Batgirl!

SO DONE! We’re going to wander around the city for a bit before catching the Rocky Horror Show at the Lower Ossington!

SO SO DONE! Halloween classic!

Speaking of which…I need to go transform my apartment into the bat cave.

And yep – that means bat guano!

Val Lapomme: Queen of Twitchiness

Hoooooooly paranoia, Batman…

Last night was fun, but also CRAZY – and not necessarily in the good way. When Claire bakes her special brownies, she REALLY makes them good.

But while I was in the grips of their “goodness”, Lisa’s admission that she’s still got a thing for her ex really started getting to me. And I mean REALLY.

I’d like to think I kept it really well contained…but it maaay have been leaking through around the edges. Or babbling about nonsense for several hours…either or…

But now when I think back on it though – I think it’s fine. I mean, not the best, having your best friend’s girlfriend crushing on another guy she’s got history with, but it’s natural…it’s normal to keep carrying the torch after a breakup, and it doesn’t mean anything will happen! I trust Lisa.

I also trust myself to have a HUGE lunch before later.

What’s later? Oh…I’ll share. Just as soon as I’ve soothed the beast inside my abdomen, though….