Man in Texas Gets Stabbed by the Master Sword

This is weeeeirdly true and kind of serious – the guy’s in serious condition…

Let’s take a step back. According to an article by The Independent, a Texan man was hospitalized after a domestic incident involving his ex-wife, ex-wife’s boyfriend and, of course, the man himself, who needless to say got stuck with the pointy end (am I mixing metaphors here?) of The Legend of Zelda‘s Master Sword.



But there’s more, and this is the real kicker – POTS WERE SMASHED TOO. Or at least one flower pot. Making light of a bad situation, is it too much to ask that the guy wielding the sword was wearing a green tunic? Please?

Check out the full article for details here.

Evolution of Link’s Sword From The Legend of Zelda

Thanks to user Silent-Dogwood for posting this awesome graphic in r/gaming on Reddit. If you’re as big a Legend of Zelda fan as I am, enjoy perusing all the different swords Link has used on his various adventures. I don’t care what anybody says, the Link to the Past sword will always be THE sword to me.