The Order of the Free Tix?

Looks like my bubble-head charm just burst.

Guy texted me to say he wouldn’t be able to make dinner like we’d planned. Even though it’s sorta late notice, I guess it’s a good I found out now and not when I’d gotten to the restaurant.

Still… exasspperaattedd siiiighhh…

I don’t know if I’m more annoyed or disappointed! I’ve been trying to get together with Guy all week, and just when I thought I had him for real… Nope.

Bloody hell!!

Guy did say he’d for sure be there for the movie – he BETTER! He has the tickets, all bought and paid for!

‘Cuz even though I may not be able to sectumsempra him, my fists work just fine…

Grrr. I feel a bit like You-Know-Who at the moment, all dark and hatey. But think good thoughts, good thoughts!

Harry Potter 7.5 in 4 hours!!!

I must not start fights, I must not start fights…

I may or may not be wearing my scarlet and gold Gryffindor tie at work today…

Ahh, who am I kidding, I totally am!! And my Gryffindor socks to boot (pun absolutely intended)!

Because yes, the day has FINALLY come! Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 tonight!!! I phoned Guy last night to let him know that I managed to get the time off, and good thing too – he’d already bought the tickets as a belated birthday present to me (but I knew that already).

We’re going to meet up tonight after work for some dinner before heading down to the Empress Walk to get in line. I haven’t seen Guy in what feels like ages – even though most of that’s been his own doing…

I’m kiiiind of tempted to ask about the whole Marge fuck buddies scenario during dinner, but…it could be a really touchy subject and the LAST thing I want to do is fight right before HP.

No, this night is all about the magic, the wonder, and the crying-like-a-baby. I wonder if there’s a spell that clears up tears?




Joanne. Said. Yes.

YEEESSS! *fist pump*

Though to be fair, it wasn’t quite that simple. Just as I was leaving for the day, she pulled me into her office and told me she’d given what I had to say a lot of thought.

Apparently something I said really got to her, so she agreed to let me take another punishment shift, leaving me free to go to the MIDNIGHT THURSDAY/FRIDAY SCREENING!!

BUT, of course there are conditions: first, if I put so much as a toe out of line, I’m toast. And two, I have to pick up that punishment shift within the next two days. No problem!

O JOYOUS DAY! I can’t wait to tell Guy!!


A little giddy right now!

I went in and talked to Joanne as per my plan today to come clean about everything that’s been going on.

I’m not gonna lie – it was TOUGH.

Reason #1: Cyclops stare…Joanne is really good at burning holes in/through people with her gaze. Seriously, it’s almost a laser.

Reason #2: Power suit… +12 Intimidation, ‘nuff said.

But I asked her for a word in her office, stood my ground and said what I needed to say! I apologized for skipping work last Friday first and foremost, and told her that I really do love and value my job – I take a lot of pride in helping people and that’s the truth.

Secondly, the reason she knew I was playing hooky last week was because she was doing some checking-up on employees online…and found me pretty easily. I said some pretty hurtful things about her, not to mention a pretty loaded nickname which I will not use again…

And lastly, I breached the subject of the impending HP premiere that I am DYING to see but am scheduled to work over. I told how it’s been a massive part of my childhood and how much it meant to me, and that if I could go it would mean the world.

So after my big spiel was done, she looked at me for a looooong while and said:

“I’ll think about it.”

SHE’LL THINK ABOUT IT!!! I couldn’t BELIEVE it, I was totally not expecting it!!

So here I am on lunch, so hopeful I can hardly eat…how am I supposed to make it through the rest of the day??

From the diaphragm…

Deep breaths, deep breaths… just like the asthma doctor taught me.

I’m getting ready to head into work for the day, and with everything that’s happened, yes – it has become a slightly nerve-wracking ordeal.

But what’s really making me nervous?

That stern-faced god of trial: Honesty.

I’ve decided to go in this morning and be honest with Joanne about everything I’ve done…playing hooky, saying some impolite things about her in a public space (aka here, aka my Twitter, etc.), generally being disrespectful…

And it’s NOT just a suck-up tactic (though I admit I do have that Harry Potter premiere on the brain). I’m doing it because it needs to be done!

So good luck to me! I may very well need a visit from the God of Hugs after all this is done…

Birk Stalemate.

Today was a loooonnnnnngggg day at work.

On top of having no twitter, no facebook, no FUN- Joanne and I are totally in a stalemate! I was planning on talking to her today about my most heinous punishment for ducking out on work on Friday, but when I walked into her office I totally froze. The pressure was just too much! The stakes too high! So I started to kinda babble without really saying anything.

Joanne seemed to have really curt, cut-off answers to anything I started to say. I couldn’t figure out what to say. I had no moves left to make.

I need to harness my strength for the next time I see her…keep in mind that she’s probably got a heart and if I explain to her what catching the premiere of the last Harry Potter means to me maybe she’ll understand!

Ferris Bueller’s Day Back.

Ferris Bueller Day on Friday and its consequences has got me thinking a lot about, well, Ferris Bueller.

I always kinda connected with the movie. You know at the end when Ferris is all like “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around a while you can miss it”…he is TOTALLY RIGHT!! So in a way, I feel pretty okay about having an amazing day with Tim on Friday. The week was getting just too tense.

But sometimes when you stop to look around, you gotta consider the consequences too. Maybe Joanne is a really tough boss…

…but isn’t honestly always the best policy?

I really do love my job, and I hate that I put it in jeopardy. I’m kinda thinking that maybe if I were upfront and talked to Joanne about the change of pace at the job since she took over, and how it was hard to adjust to, yadayadayada, she wouldn’t be so harsh.

It’s worth a try, right? At least maybe she’ll let me have the Thursday night off so I can go see the midnight screening…fingers, toes, legs crossed.


I’m gonna take a tiny timeout of worrying about my Harry Potter dilemma…

…got a lil’ advice from a blog reader (you know who you are!) on how to deal with my boss… Great advice!! More on this soon…but I’ve decided to have a chat with Joanne on Tuesday!

Right now I’m super excited about this AMAZING sounding play I’m going to see tomorrow called Misprint (1st Issue). (I booked the day off work for this AGES ago…luckily….considering my present circumstances. Oy). It’s part of this really great indie theatre festival in Toronto called the Fringe Festival and is written and directed by Lauren Toffan. Guy and I both know Lauren because we’re frequenters of the same comic shop. I was soooo excited when I heard Lauren was putting on this show!

I’m meeting Guy tomorrow before the show- he’s been pretty MIA lately but I got a text from him confirming that he’d be there… and I invited Serra to come too!! Serra actually works in theatre tech, so she was more than down to come to the show and get a few beers afterwards!

Going to see live theatre is something way too many people miss out on. Glad there’s cool ladies like Lauren making plays that attract whole new crowds to the theatre! …yup, I AM saying theatre in a British accent in my head.

Super stoked for tomorrow!

This is the end.

I’ve toiled and toiled over the CATASTROPHE that is being forced to work during the Harry Potter premiere!

(an update…Joanne’s making me come in to work on Thursday night too, to work a “training shift” that conveniently lasts until just after midnight… meaning I’ll miss the very first round of the premiere!)

…and since I couldn’t get a hold of Guy, and couldn’t figure out a good action plan on my own, I decided to sleep on it.

Sleeping always makes things better! It’s like nature’s Buckley’s for all the world’s problems!

I woke up thinking that maaaaaaybe if I’m really really really nice to Joanne all week, and tell her how much this premiere means to me…she’ll understand?

Fingers crossed! Chin up! Glass is half full!

livin la vida loca!!!!


I’ve been spending most of the day really thinking about why it’s SUCH a HUGE deal to me that the Harry Potter saga is coming to a close… Sure, Harry Potter is obviously one of the most widely read book series of all time, but there’s also soooo much personal meaning for me too.

In a way, I feel like a part of my childhood is ending forever. No more will I EVER be a young Valerie Lapomme at some swanky chic restaurant with my mother, reading the Chamber of Secrets underneath the table because I refuse to put it down. No more will I ever miss out kissing Steve McGreggor during spin the bottle, because I’ve locked myself in Sydney Paulin’s bathroom, so I can secretly finish The Prisoner of Azkaban during her birthday party!


Guy would understand…but he’s still MIA. Where is he?