New Harry Potter Words from J.K. Rowling

Whether it’s the effect from a concealment charm or just plain natural stealth, J.K. Rowling’s suddenly published new writing set in the world of Harry Potter.



Now, before you get hyped and start salivating at the mouth, there are some things you should know:

1. The piece is called History of the Quidditch World Cup, and it’s not a direct prequel or sequel to the HP series. Rather, it’s in the same vein as other companion novellas Fantastic Beats and Where to Find Them and Quidditch Through the Ages.

2. The first half has been published online. For free. BRILLIANT.

3. It’s only available right now on, of course, and you do need an account to read it. The good news is that signing up is painless and getting started on your journey to wizard or witchhood is actually pretty darn fun. Of course, if you want to skip discovering the wand for you or choosing a pet, you can go right to new stuff.



If you’re a fan of magic, even just the tiniest little nub, do yourself a favour and check out Part 1 of new Harry Potter literature. Part 2 is set to be released this coming Friday, March 21!

Be in Dumbledore’s Army FOR REAL!

Don’t worry! You don’t even need to know where the Room of Requirement is (but, for the record, I can get access it from beneath my kitchen sink. For some reason).



The Harry Potter Alliance is a brave and noble team of folks who use the power of magic, wizardry and witchery (spellcheck?) to work towards eliminating suck from the world. And it’s HAPPENING.

Face it, any Harry Potter fan knows that our muggle world would be better with an infusion of magic, but right now the HPA is focusing on something just as important – equality.



So bust out your cauldron and locate the following ingredients: 1 part gender equality, 1 part marriage equality, 1 part immigration equality and a bajillion parts books. Literally, so many books. AWESOME.

Check out the Harry Potter Alliance’s IndieGoGo page for more info and a look at the AWESOME perks you can get for contributing to help fight the Dark Arts.



New Harry Potter Movie in the Works!

OH MY GAAAWWWD!! Okay, but seriously…

OH MY GAAAWWWD!! This is the best news to come out of the wizarding world since… the end of the seventh book (spoilers narrowly avoided here).



J.K. Rowling herself is penning the screenplay, which she’s made very clear is not a sequel or prequel, but rather an extension of that oh-so-magical world. The plot will be following Newt Scamander, author of popular magic textbook Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them (which you can actually buy – I recommend it!).

My brain’s still buzzing with excitement over this. I need a soothing spell – anyone?

Time to Get Sh*t Sorted!

It’s a question as old as time itself.

…if you agree that time started on June 26, 1997 when Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone hit them bookshelves. So, without further ado:


K, aside from the obvies “Gryffindor!” answer, it’s a pretty poignant question, and one that I’ve yet to address… until now.

‘Game of Thrones’ Characters Sorted Into Hogwarts Houses

But really, how has this not happened sooner?


Buzzfeed has put together a terrific list of characters from Game of Thrones and the houses they’d fit into if they’d gone to Hogwarts. I WOULD READ THAT BOOK. I mean, I read all the other ones, anyway.

What’s more is that it might not be so cut-and-paste as you might think – there are definitely some surprises on the list. Starks into Gryffindor? Mmmmm, not quite. Joffrey in Slytherin?

…yeah, no surprises there. Check out the article for more and drop a comment below on what you think of the sorting.

Not out of the woods just yet…

Just got back from my “thank you for letting me reschedule my punishment shift so that I could go see the Harry Potter premiere” coffee with Joanne!

We talked about a lot of stuff, especially Harry Potter – I never would’ve pegged her for a fan if I hadn’t seen her walk out of the premiere with my own two eyes.

I’m thinking while it may not have started out as a great experience, having Joanne as a temp boss made me remember something: firstly, no matter how mean the book looks, don’t judge it by its cover and you may be surprised (I know I was)!

But towards the end of our conversation, she said something that reeaaally bugged me: Joanne admitted that she’d recently been thinking of letting Tim go.

Letting Tim go??? That BLEW me away! I was really careful in asking if she could actually do that, seeing as she was only a temporary manager at Birk…and she said she is fully trained and did some hiring/firing consultations in the past: so yes!!

When it came down to it though, she didn’t pull the plug on Tim…but she’s thinking about recommending it to Dmitri!!!

I dunno if I should tell Tim, though…would Dmitri actually take Joanne’s advice and fire him? Is it worth stressing Tim out over potentially nothing?

My conscience is crying a little right now…

Prepping the Afterburners

A little weariness beginning to settle in to these calcium-filled bones of mine.

Eight hours down, eight hours to go…sure, it’s a tiring process but I am determined to finish this double-shift without complaining.

I begged for it (kinda), so I’m sure as heck gonna take it like a woman!

I’m still basking in the Harry Potter afterglow today, and thinking a lot about how weird/unexpected it was seeing Joanne at the show as well. Who knew she was a huge Harry Potter fan too?

You know…she’s here for a few more hours. I think after I finish break I’m gonna swing by her office and ask her if she’d like to grab a thank-you coffee sometime soon? She didn’t have to let me swap shifts so I could see HP…but she did, and I am SUPER thankful for that.

Anyways, I’ve gotta finish eating and brainstorm some ways to make sure I don’t fall asleep on next shift!

Not that I’m really worried: I’m placing sleep wards around my desk for the wee hours of the morning to fend off the inevitable. Pepsi, Cherry Blasters, and maaaybe coffee if it comes to it (though it’s pretty hot outside).

Caffeine to thrum through my veins and provide little slaps in the face when I need ‘em.

Onwards and upwards, early morning ho!

One door closes, another opens…



I did it. Seven books. Eight movies.

And one big, glowing heart in the aftermath.

Last night’s Harry Potter show was amazing, for so many different reasons!

Not only was the movie itself good (espesh the CGI) but I sobbed like a frantic Dobby at parts, especially when (no spoilers!) it showed clips from all the past movies…little Harry is so cute!

There’s something too about seeing with a hundred other people as well, who are all feeling the same things you are. Except for iron-heart Guy, cynically munching on his popcorn…

But to use a fitting cliché…it really was magical. :)

Though something completely unexpected happened when Guy and I walked out at around 2:30am. Something I would never, EVER have expected if I’d had a million years to sit and ponder the probability of unexpected things…

Joanne walked out too.

Yes. Joanne von Daimler, my temporary manager from work, who (rightfully so) sort of gave me hell this week for my little stunts.

I admit, I just gaped for a second before she saw me and came over to say hi! We talked for a bit, and…she was actually really nice! Very pleasant AND it turns out just as big a Harry Potter fan as I am!


Anyways, we both had to be in work this morning, AND I’m pulling a double-shift today to make up for getting the time off for HP, so we said our goodbyes and went home. I’m still a little shocked…

But all in all, a TERRIFIC evening!! I think I can die now.

…except not: Captain America comes out next week!

the wizard of waiting

20 minutes until Harry Potter begins!!! Guy DID arrive like he said he would, and I’m too excited at the moment to be angry with him!

The atmosphere here is CRAZY! Soooo many fans, and a bunch of ‘em dressed up too!

I spy with my little eye… a Dumbledore, a couple of Dementors, a few Hermione’s and more Harry’s than I can count!

OOH – line’s started to move, must go!

If I had to use one cool phrase to sum things up right now:

“All was well.”