Be in Dumbledore’s Army FOR REAL!

Don’t worry! You don’t even need to know where the Room of Requirement is (but, for the record, I can get access it from beneath my kitchen sink. For some reason).



The Harry Potter Alliance is a brave and noble team of folks who use the power of magic, wizardry and witchery (spellcheck?) to work towards eliminating suck from the world. And it’s HAPPENING.

Face it, any Harry Potter fan knows that our muggle world would be better with an infusion of magic, but right now the HPA is focusing on something just as important – equality.



So bust out your cauldron and locate the following ingredients: 1 part gender equality, 1 part marriage equality, 1 part immigration equality and a bajillion parts books. Literally, so many books. AWESOME.

Check out the Harry Potter Alliance’s IndieGoGo page for more info and a look at the AWESOME perks you can get for contributing to help fight the Dark Arts.