Suck on THAT, Sideki!

While I’m perfectly aware the title of this post sounds a little gross (especially re: Sideki), it’s totally appropriate!

Yesterday Guy was getting all up in my biznizz (or…just voicing his asked-for opinion) about Roy and how he definitely wanted to date me. Guy wouldn’t listen when I said we were just friends, but lo and behold, I’M RIGHT!

Roy came over for a while earlier – we just hung out, played some video games…original Pac Man followed by some original Halo, all good, all good.

But then, JUST TO SEE…I kind of dropped “So I’m going on a date with another person I met online this week.” Definitely enough to warrant a worried look or something like it from Roy if there was anything there…

But nope! Nothing! He just passed it off as “Cool, hope you have fun!” with a touch of “I’mactually gonna see someone too” and that’s THAT.

Is it wrong to say “Case closed!” when a case was never open? I’ll have to consult a lawyer.

In the meantime, TOLD YOU SO, GUY!

ranty rants

Maybe I should have seen Guy’s “sensitivity” coming…he has had a little more anger than usual lately. Was just re-watching my latest vlog…

…and Guy is a little rantier than usual, no? I think he must have stored up a lot of anger after the breakup with Lisa and hasn’t totally healed yet. Poor Guy.

I do feel bad about not “saving” the movie for him…but it’s just a movie! AND I FULLY INTEND TO SEE IT AGAIN ANYWAYS! (so good!) Hopefully he’ll cool down soon…

morning FAIL

Good morning internet!

Yes, I am aware it is 1p.m. jealous?

Guy and I stayed up SUPER late last night playing the new Halo anniversary game and I so I completely slept in today… I woke up to my phone ringing . I missed FOUR messages from Tim!! I COMPLETELY forgot we had a lunch date planned for today!!

Luckily, Tim is busy with some university prep he’s doing, and he didn’t seem to mind so much that I slept through our tentative plans. However, I DID feel like kinda a jerk about it…and it didn’t really help that when Tim asked if I wanted to hang later tonight…I had to bring up the subject of dinner at mother’s house (which I had neglected to mention earlier)!

I know I should have invited him earlier…and what with me not answering the phone last night, I think he might feel a little hurt, like he was an afterthought or something.

But…I’m just kinda scared that at dinner Mother is going to re-open the old issue of our relationship status once he leaves for school. And Tim’s so excited about school I really don’t want him to be thinking about that right now!


First Campaign!

Finally got into the Future Shop with Sasaki and it’s total Arkham in here! Sasaki said it reminded him of Tokyo!

We both wanna get out of here as fast as we can, so we agreed to split up. He’s going for the xbox, and I’m looking for the Splinter Cell. Aww – it’s like our first co-op campaign already!!

Ooohh…some kids are playing Halo 3 on the tester console…I know I’m supposed to be on a mission right now, but those kids are begging to be schooled!

This’ll only take a second. I play winner!