This Baby Wins Halloween

The BEST holiday ever is coming up next week and there are soooo many costume ideas flying around out there. Some people out there throw something together the night of to go out and party. Some people spend weeks, maybe even months putting together costumes to blow all other costumes out of the water. I think I’m somewhere in the middle.

I mean, if you’re a hardcore cosplayer, this is your night to SHINE, people! And one dad took that literally.

The following is video proof that this dad and his little baby just won this year’s Halloween. Sorry everyone, but we can still go for runners-up!

What are YOU being for Halloween? Leave a comment and let me know!

It’s just ANOTHER jump to the left!

All right, maybe I’m crazy for doing what I’m doing tonight. Remember my Halloween?

Well, welcome to HALLOWEEN THE DEUCER. Tonight I’m going to see a live staging of the Rocky Horror Picture Show…AGAIN! YEP!!! My friend Darcy and I are meeting at the Lower Ossington Theatre!

Despite my crazy hungoveredness (® Valerie Lapomme 2012) from Wednesday night, I’m doing it all over because it’s just too much fun to pass up. Plus, I haven’t seen Darcy in a while, so this is the perfect opportunity to catch up.


It’s the most joyous day of the year!! For me, anyway. I LOVE HALLOWEEN!

I’m just getting together my final costume for tonight’s Rocky Horror screening at the Bloor Cinema. It’s extra special because last year the theatre was closed for renovations, so this year’s bash is going to be GOOD!

More details later. For now, just this:

Still can’t decide!!!

What to be for Halloween? What are you going to be???

My top three choices right now are this, this, or one of these. Luckily I have all day tomorrow to prepare my costume because I have the day off! I wonder what Guy’s going to be. When I asked, he just answer: “My reflection”. A “costume” he wears every year.

I mean, the LEAST he could do is wear a shirt with backwards writing on it! But he doesn’t even do that. Oh well, he might be a costume party pooper, but he gets right into the spirit of shouting call outs at the top of his lungs when we go to Rocky Horror!

I can’t wait!


Time’s a runnin’ out!

In the words of one of the greatest men of our time…AYEYAIYAI!!

Time is running out for choosing my Halloween costume! On Wednesday night I’m going to watch a live screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show…with the fabulous Toronto shadow cast at the Bloor Cinema! AND I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO WEAR!

Help me, people! You’re my only hope…

All Hallow’s Eve-ning

I already celebrated Halloween 2011 on Saturday night with Tim, Guy and Lisa, but I can’t just let the actual day go to waste.

If Halloween was a cow (a black-and-orange spotted cow, I might add), it needs to be milked dry!

That’s why I’ve proposed a movie night at home with Tim. Movie of choice?

Paranormal Activity 2. Haven’t seen it yet (I know!) but I’ve heard that shit is SCARY. Good thing I’ll have a bowl of candy and someone to cling to for 90 minutes for protection!

Haha, who am I kidding? Tim’s gonna be screaming right along with me. :)

jingle hells, jingle hells…

I never know exactly how to feel the morning after Halloween. Or rather…the day before?

Being an adult at Halloween is confusing, particularly when it happens on something like a Monday! I’ve celebrated my Halloween bit, so it feels like it happened and is now over…but the actual day isn’t until tomorrow.

Time Warp much?

Speaking of Rocky Horror (nice segue, if I do say so myself), last night was so much fun!!

Our batgang costume went over really well with people on the street :). A few jeers too, but that’s to be expected – no matter how you dress ‘em up, douchebags are still douchebags at Halloween.

Also spotted were three Doctors, one guy who was just a sonic screwdriver (hilarious!), a couple of Gandalfs, and someone who was literally a giant Webster’s Dictionary. Neat!

Now that another Halloween’s come and gone (but not yet, technically), what’s there to do?

NO. I refuse to bow to commercial pressure and start to “look forward” to Christmas! The Christmas season DOES NOT start until at LEAST the third week of November, do you hear me??