That DOES it – I’m putting my archenemies under the microscope (vlogoscope? Can that be a thing?). And alright, it’s really just archenemy, I guess… it’s Guy who’s almost got more than he can count on one hand.

There’s this book thief who keeps stealing USED BOOKS during my shift at Re: Reading!! Like WHAT THE HELL, DUDE?


You guys, this was my boss at the call center I just quit.

Okay, so, bit of a story here. For the past few months, I’ve been pressured to conform more to how my boss wanted me to behave.

Then a few days ago, I was sent an instructional video on how I should be behaving and was told in no uncertain terms that if I didn’t conform I’d be fired.

So then Guy took that video and shared it with some of his “inner circle” hacker-type friends. And voila, my boss became an Internet meme.

That didn’t really sit well with him though. So I quit before he could fire me.

Hopefully, I can get some extra shifts from Re:Reading to make up for it.

Whipping up a FEAST!

Tonight Guy and I are in the kitchen making a tasty vlog…and a tasty stew!!

I don’t want to spoil anything, but Guy and I are diving into this delicious food blog to start prepping for our Game of Thrones party! (“party” being me and him eating GoT themed snacks during the premiere of the new season on March 31st) One thing I’ve learned tonight though is that STEWS TAKE FOREVER TO COOOOOK!!

Oh well, it’s smelling delicious. :)

Also, speaking of dinners that feel like forever, my mother wants to take me out for supper on Wednesday night. I shouldn’t complain since she’s taking me to this fancy place┬ábut I’m sure as always I’ll be getting grilled.

Grilled…get it? Food puns are fun puns! Okay, back to waiting for meat!

I’m late! I’m late! For a very important…

…DATE. As in an outing. As in brunch. With Guy. Yeeeesh…

I’ve got a valid reason though. Last night I just felt like escaping this cold, wintery rut and having some FUN! Fun therapy is the best therapy.

Basically, I met up with Darcy and we partied laaate. On a Tuesday? I know, weird…but it just felt right. In fact, it got to feel righter and righter as the drinks flowed and the night went on. So right that I, uh…

…happened to have a one night stand. With a dude. Explaining my lateness to brunch.

In retrospect, I’m not embarrassed or ashamed. It was fun, we both had a good time, and that’s that. And wouldn’t you know it – I’m feeling a little more chipper today, winter be DAMNED!

I also found out a neat way to patch up my tardiness with Guy… after brunch, we hit up the comic book store where I got a cute girl’s number for him! She works there, they’ve been eyeing each other for weeks… call me a matchmaker! Guy’s even agreed to ask her out.

Achievement unlocked: here’s to digging yourself out of a rut!

Happy Family Day!

… also known as a great excuse for a statutory holiday in February! Otherwise, we’d have to go from New Years to Easter. Not cool, amirite?

I’m not actually spending Family Day with my family though…Mother’s still up in Quebec with her boyfriend, but at least I’m off work! So Guy’s coming over in a bit and we’re gonna try and tackle Cloud Atlas… the movie apparently so deep, it can’t be properly summarized in a trailer!

It’s nice to know that even if I can’t see actual family on Family Day, I can still spend it with my chosen family.

… which miiiiiiight be better sometimes? The Bluths know.