GoPro Records Man Falling from Space

Little portable cameras like GoPros are getting to popular and so cheap that people are scooping them up for everything, from surfing massive waves to walking their dog.

Of course, the bigger the event, the more GoPro-able it is – especially if that event is leaping from the edge of space down to hurtle towards the ground at over 800 mph. Because really, at that point, it’s not just about you – people need to see.



Professional free-faller Felix Baumgartner did just that on October 28, 2012, and GoPro has just released the HD footage of the event. To be blunt, it’s beautiful, breathtaking and includes moments of Gravity-like intensity and fear.

Check out the video and make sure to put down some towels in case your bladder lets loose. It’s not gross – I’m doing you a favour.