Missing Z’s

Zzzzz ZzzzzZZ zzzzZZZZZ….

What’s that up top? Wishful thinking! I can’t sleeps. :(

Stupid Tim is snoring like a champion. After about an hour of restlessness in his arms I replaced myself with a pillow and snuck out of the bedroom. I just can’t get my brain to turn off right now!! I think it’s because of this whole Tim going away to school thing.

So Tim was telling me all about his program tonight and it sounds really interesting! Turns out, Tim has to do a co-op placement for physics, which he wants to do near Toronto. That way, says Tim, it’s easier for us to be together.


I guess I never really thought about the possibility of a long distance relationship. I mean, do those ever really work? Doesn’t Tim want the benefit of experiencing something entirely new by keeping all his options open? I feel like I would at least. It’s weird, because Tim mentioned staying together so casually, I don’t even think he’s considered us going our separate ways as an option…

But I AM happy for Tim!…But I guess now I have to think about what it is I really want… In the meantime, I think I’ll quietly play some Gears of War (I’ve been so slack on my gaming this week!) until I’m a lil’ more sleepy-face-like.



Guy came over tonight to play Gears of War 3 with me! Woooop!

This game! Oh boy… WAY better than GoW2!!

In between the gut busting carnage Guy and I did sneak in a little BFF talk…for Guy’s sake, I will not call it “girl talk”…but you know…

Firstly, things seem to be going really well between Guy and Lisa! Guy gets all adorably bashful when I mention her…and when I dance around him singing “Guy you luuuuuuuv her”. Guy is usually SUPER private when it comes to talking about his lady-escapades, but this time he actually seems eager to talk about Lisa! Yay!

…so you can imagine how much of a chump I felt like when Guy brought up the whole Tim potentially going away for school thing… and all  I could say was that I didn’t wanna talk about it. What a total role reversal between me and Guy! Bizarre…


Gears of love and war.

SOOOO happy I pre-ordered Gears of War 3!!  Whooooop!

…after muchos anticipation I’m happy to say that this game is AWESOME!

I haven’t had a solid gaming day in a while, and working as a good distraction for something that’s been on my mind today…

It just occurred to me today that there’s a good chance when Tim goes back to school next semester he’ll be leaving the city… It’s not exactly something we’ve been talking about…to be honest, I’ve been having SUCH a great time hanging out with Tim, it really didn’t hit me until today. But all of a sudden this morning I was eating my cereals and these two cheerios at the end of the bowl were stuck together and I started thinking about “us”… (awww?)

But I’m not sure if it’s something I should talk to Tim about just yet…maybe I should just take things in stride? I mean, I am sooo soooo jazzed that Tim’s rediscovered  the things he’s passionate about, and I don’t really want kill the momentum he’s working up.

I think I’ll leave this open for now…maybe indulge in a little more Ice T.