A Song For Loved Ones Past – Game of Thrones Style

If you follow Game of Thrones, you know that no character is safe. Anyone could die at any moment and there’s nothing you can do, because bad people and dragons and f@$! you.

The gals of Not Literally have decided to make a musical memorial to some of our favourite characters from season 1 of the show who didn’t make it to season 2. So (and beware of season 1 spoilers, folks), grab a tissue and prepare to weep – with laughter – as characters go bye-bye to one of Gotye’s tunes:

The Red Viper Slithers His Way Onto Game Of Thrones!

I still can’t believe season 4 of Game of Thrones is another year or so away, but getting casting announcements is helping with the wait, at least!

Book readers will know its about we time we went to Dorne and the Red Viper himself, Oberyn Martell (of House Martell, doncha know) is just been given an actual person’s face!


via blog.zap2it.com

Meet Pedro Pascal, who’ll bring us Martell’s barbed tongue and fiery character. Sexy Chilean. ;) Hsssssssss….

You Can Do It, Jon Snow

Attention Game of Thrones, fans! Attention Jon Snow fans! Attention Kit Harrington fans! This one’s for US.

Pretty much every character goes through struggle in Game of Thrones, which is part of what makes the story so interesting. Some of them make it through to continue the fight, and others don’t. You know what would probably make things easier for them, though? A motivational 80s montage – the perfect thing to lift the spirits and kickstart those endorphins. Tell ‘em, Jon Snow:

Game of Woes: A Compilation Of Terror

This past Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones was one for the record books. As season 3 winds down, emotions are now winding up after a surprise twist that saw a lot of… stuff happen.

“Surprise,” though, is a relative term. For those who’ve read the books, it was something that was eagerly anticipated. For those who haven’t read the books, it was perhaps the biggest, most terrifying twist seen yet. In fact, the whole relationship between those in the know and those not can be summed up in this beautiful gif:

Keep reading >

Summer is Coming

Inspired DIY-er and Reddit user trickrtreatr has created this amazing Game of Thrones inspired pool noodle throne:


Already incredible. And then enter Redditor IAteAllTheTwix, who’s totally taken it to the next level:


I know, I know… a little bit of Photoshop and it’s kind of breathtaking. Actually, I take that back; it’s TOTALLY breathtaking.

It’s perfect for your next George R.R. Martin-themed pool party. And seriously, I can’t be the first person to think that up. We should all emotionally bare ourselves if we’re going to be accurate too.

Want to read more about the throne and read a LOT of bad/great GoT puns?  Check out the original Reddit thread.

Why Sansa Stark and Taylor Swift Are The Same Person

It hasn’t ever occurred to this writer that Sansa Stark and Taylor Swift belong in the same sentence, much less in a direct comparison. To be honest, Taylor Swift doesn’t occur much to this writer.

However, Buzzfeed author Ellie Hall has trawled Swift’s lyrics and freezeframed Game of Thrones episodes to make it happen, and the comparison is admittedly pretty interesting and well done.


via jenstayrook.tumblr.com

Read the full article here – definitely worth it, and with some pretty hilarious images to boot!

Game of Thrones Hangouts

Obviously I couldn’t wait until tonight’s episode before Googling Game of Thrones content. I love this album of the actors just hanging out and having fun – no backstabby politics involved!

However, it’s this picture that stole my heart:


Daaaaamn, Game of Thrones cast: why you gotta be so fun and charming? Now all I want to do is hang out with you all and be goofy. Totally counter-productive. Keep reading >

Whipping up a FEAST!

Tonight Guy and I are in the kitchen making a tasty vlog…and a tasty stew!!

I don’t want to spoil anything, but Guy and I are diving into this delicious food blog to start prepping for our Game of Thrones party! (“party” being me and him eating GoT themed snacks during the premiere of the new season on March 31st) One thing I’ve learned tonight though is that STEWS TAKE FOREVER TO COOOOOK!!

Oh well, it’s smelling delicious. :)

Also, speaking of dinners that feel like forever, my mother wants to take me out for supper on Wednesday night. I shouldn’t complain since she’s taking me to this fancy place but I’m sure as always I’ll be getting grilled.

Grilled…get it? Food puns are fun puns! Okay, back to waiting for meat!

School of Thrones

Winter is coming – and apparently, so is prom.

This new web series cleverly re-interprets Game of Thrones as a teen drama, and is worth watching for Jon Snow’s hilarious wig alone. Episode 1 (below) depicts Dany Targaryen’s first day at Westeros Valley High; Episodes 2 and 3 will be released on March 17 and March 24 at 12pm PST on the official School of Thrones YouTube. Check it out!