‘Fire on the Mound’ – A Podcast Novel

This epic unpublished novel-turned-podcast by William J. Meyer is a beautiful story that takes place on the treacherous island, Naosaleyn, and at only 30 minutes per episode, it’s a┬ámust-listen.┬áTrust this writer when I say it’s the perfect fill for your mythical needs when heading to your dreaded day job.

More than just a bunch of characters running around in a rich, mythological land, Fire on the Mound is a story about the conflict and turmoil of growing up and the struggle for power… something we can all relate to. Or at least the first bit, anyway.


via fireonthemound.tumblr.com/

It’s also good to know that listening is all free, which is NUTS considering the quality of what’s in there! You can stream or download all episodes from the official Fire on the Mound website.

I leave you with this task: before season 2 comes out, have a listen so we can all get excited together!