Hit by an ice cream truck.

I’m feeling a little better this evening than earlier but it’s still pretty obvious this is gonna be an “in” night for me – that feeling of being hit by a truck is still, y’know, everywhere.

I have pulled myself together enough to consider something, though…

Okay, so I made out with Claire’s friend Jenn last night. Like a LOT. We were both hammered by Thor himself but I can’t really deny that it was really fun. Jenn’s pretty cute (I wasn’t wasted the ENTIRE night here) and she seems like a really cool person too…very sweet and genuine.

But all of this sort of hits a snag: what about my ‘date myself’ policy? Where I said no to relationships for the time being to work on self-betterment? Learning to love myself before I look for others to love me?

I’m not sure what to do…I guess to be fair, I don’t even know if Jenn wants anything anyway. I don’t even know if I want anything anyway…

Ah well. Things to think about? When AREN’T there things to think about, really?

GNO: The Deets

Hello world…

It’s me…Val…

Totally hung over…but happy.

In order to keep my headache to a minimum, I’ll be brief but juicy – last night’s Girls’ Night Out was THE BEST fun I’ve had in a while. It was fantastic to see Claire and meet her friends Jenn and Sylvy as well.

So as planned, we hotel-room-pre-drank, then headed out to a couple of bars to get admittedly PRETTY HAMMED. Somewhere in the early hours, a lot of pretty hammed dancing…and then somewhere in the later early hours…some pretty hammed making out with Jenn.

Yup. Gotta say though, not an unpleasant experience. Anyways…back to warmth…and darkness…muueegh…

No Danny Boooy…

Mother never ceases to surprise me, in both good ways and bad.

This is the story of one of the bad ways.

After improv tonight, we went out for drinks to catch up since Montreal and I finally had an opportunity to tell her all about Danny! How we met, what we’ve done, etc. etc.

I expected her to be happy that I’m seeing someone (I think she’s secretly frightened I’m going to turn into an old maid)…but she WASN’T!

Not that she was upset or anything, just…not supportive whatsoever! And it’s TOTALLY because he’s a nerd! WHAT!!

My theory is that after Mark (who’s also a nerd), Mother’s turned off of anyone who likes “those outer space shows” or, pretty much, anything cool. Disappointing! She was on such an upswing with Mark compared to her usual crop of money-grubbing muscly manly-men.

But the real cherry on top was when she said that “all nerd-boys are babies and don’t want to grow up.”

I’ve definitely known nerdy guys who are super immature – but it wasn’t because they were nerds. They were just immature guys!! So blaming nerdiness for that – WRONG.

the aging process ends…


Last night was one…epic…time…

So good! Let me start from the beginning: Kumar and I went out for a casual drink earlier in the evening, just to talk more and get to know each other. Inevitably, the subject of our exes came up…we were SO talkative about them last time, I didn’t really want to go there again. Fair, right?

I told Kumar that I’d rather hear about HIM…what does he do, what does he like, etc. And it paid off!

At first I think he was a little nervous to go on without his ex-fallback discussion topic…but then the sun came out and he was chatting away about himself easily! I think he was really enjoying himself by the end (and me too!).

Anyways, after we parted ways, I went to go find Guy at Sneaky Dee’s…and the slow descent into fun craziness began! We had some drinks there, did a bit of head bobbing, then moved over to the El Mocambo and listened to some good bands there! Shots, drinks…

Guy was keeping up with me drink for drink too! He garbled something about “good friends drink too”, which…yeeaah, we were drunk. :)

And later on, we actually bumped into Serra! TOTAL COINCIDENCE! But totally awesome…we had some MORE drinks, and did some dancing…

All in all…it was a GREAT birthday. And sure, I’m nursing a bit of a hangover this morning…but it was totally worth it.

Hi, 25. :)

it can wait til tomorrow.

11:30 and still no phone call from mother!

Not to worry though, not to worry. I’m at a bar right now with Darcy and I explained the whole thing to her…

Darcy says it’s pretty clear that my mother is just blowing off steam over her friend frustration. She’s just moved into a new place, just decided that the people she used to go to parties with and things aren’t exactly who she thought they were before…and she’s stressed.

Makes sense! I still feel kind of bad, but…Darcy’s right. And plus, it’s Saturday night! I want to enjoy myself!

So I’ll cave and phone her tomorrow. But for now…


*lick, salt, hold lime, TEQUILA, eat lime!*

double fisting headache…

Ohhhhh shiiiiittt

I have a headache that could kill Superman, and my eyes feel like they’ve been Cyclopsing all night…

And WHAT a night. Drinks with Lisa and Guy totally went ahead as planned. Or rather, BETTER than planned.

Six pints better? Plus a few g&t’s, a handful of shots…you get the picture.

Honestly, everything’s a little hazy but I do remember Guy and Lisa having to help me up after a fall at one point – no damage done, except to my ego. Last night was seriously the biggest drink I’ve had in a while…

I think I know why too, even if I don’t want to admit it:

Tim. Or rather, Tim potentially going away to school and how that will all work out. I really, really like the man and I’ve been worrying about this all week. To an irrational extent too.

I think last night’s “attempt to forget” just kinda proves how hung up I am on this whole deal, and the cataclysm inside my head right now prove how much I need to EASE. UP.

Everything will be fine. What’ll happen will happen, and life will go on!

…unless of course this headache kills me. Aaaddddvviiillllll…

Ultimate Double Date Recap: Pt. 1

Last night was the BOMB. Seriously fun!!

I’ll try to get in all the juicy details as best I can, but some parts are a little sketchy…for reasons which will be revealed down the page.

SO. We all met up at Sushi Inn in Yorkville (ooh la la) for a really nice but still casual dinner. Everyone was in a good mood – HALLELUJAH – and Lisa continued to be shockingly nice! I say ‘shockingly’ just because I’m still used to this made up/unrealistic image of her in my mind.

Anyways, sushi was great, both tea and sake were consumed – life is good!

Afterwards, we headed back to Guy’s for round 2: a crazy fun game of Mad Gab or twelve and some more dranks! And I can’t help but notice the chemistry going on between Guy and Lisa – I thought I’d noticed something at dinner but wasn’t sure – during Mad Gab it was HAPPENING.

The more alcohol went in, the more sexy-eyes came out. You know, those prolonged looks, coy muscle twitches, large eyes that just “laugh” at you. Allllll there. :) And Guy was going right along with it!

By the time we moved onto Wii, we’d all had quuuiiite a bit to drink…three bottles of wine, some beer, a gin and tonic or two…THIS is where details begin to get a tad hazy.

But interesting I DO remember a couple of things: at one point I took Lisa aside and totally confessed that I thought she’d been a mean bully out to get me since my infamous grade 4 pantsing at her hands!! She said she’d nearly forgotten about it but was ABSOLUTELY sorry and actually thought I was a pretty cool kid all along! WHAT?!

And after that apology-fest, Lisa turned out to be a Wii noob, so Guy took it on himself to teach her – bodily. Guiding the controller in her hand with his. His body ON hers.


BREAKING NEWS: tummy rumbling no longer ignorable. Food and then more story telling!


My inbox just pinged with a hint from Tim about tonight’s mystery restaurant!

…And all it is is a link to this.

A map of the world with…beer-bannered countries? What does this MEAN??

Okay, so…a bar, maybe? Somewhere that serves a lot of beer?


Ehh, okay, okay…that would be pretty extreme. And time consuming.

But pretty awesome! Four hours ‘til I know for sure…

The Hangover 3: Val’s Tuesday Morning

Helloooo friendly bottle of aspirin and free-flowing water. Nursing a bit of a hangover this morning…not the worst I’ve had, but I don’t exactly feel chipper either…

The source of course was partying it up with Tim last night! What I thought was just going to be a few drinks with a friend turned into something of a rave I vaguely recall through a gin and tonic and tequila haze

BUT I wasn’t so beyond-the-brink that I didn’t notice something a little strange: Tim was kiiinda being very flirty and touchy-feely last night!

Now don’t get me wrong, I love me some touchy-feely, but… I felt a bit weird knowing that Tim JUST broke up with his girlfriend and all. I like him, he’s a great guy, but…eeehh I wasn’t quite feeling it!

Needless to say, maybe it was just the drink – the more booze that went in, the more pseudo-groping that came out!!

I think Tim’s feeling a bit lonely maybe after his whole break up, so sure we danced and thangs…and still all the while I had this little bit of morality gnawing at me.


I haven’t forgotten how Tim gave me that signed copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows for my birthday – that’s one MASTER BALL of a gift!!!

So it makes sense that I kinda feel…well, guilty for not returning the affection 100%? I feel like I sort of owe him something! But at the same time…I shouldn’t really be putting out for a book, right? I mean it’s a flirtation, not a barter system.

Anyways, nothing happened beyond the dancy-feelies, and I DID have fun, so…we’re good? I guess I’ll see Tim when I go in today, provided he isn’t vomiting hardcore-styles… He was preeeetty tanked.

Time for this girl to focus on keeping this sandwich down. I think I’ll continue fighting these guilty twinges as well.