Debs and Errol Create a New Nerd Game Phenomenon!

Do you remember the simple fun of schoolyard games? How great it was finding the perfect hiding spot for hide-and-seek and giggling when the “its” passed by you?

Toronto nerd band extraordinaire Debs and Errol have taken the fun of those games and added a Whovian twist. The game, as featured in the web comic below, takes Marco Polo, one of Doctor Who‘s scariest villains, and the joy of scaring the ever-loving crap out of someone and blends them together into your new favourite Sunday afternoon activity:



Nerd parents and kids’ game enthusiasts, you’ll never be bored again. Debs and Errol have caused boredom to Exterminate! Exterminate!

Doctor Who Travels Into Cards Against Humanity

As the Weekend of Board Games dawns for me (when you’re going to be playing them for two days straight, I think capitalization is perfectly apt), stumbling across this little nugget of gold is perfect.

Cards Against Humanity is a party game that’s taken the world by storm. If you haven’t played, the basic concept is that all players are dealt a hand of white cards up front; each round, one person acts as the Card Czar and flips over a black card with a question or fill-in-the-blank phrase. The players then need to look through their hands and select the card they think is the best fit with the black card. Hilarity ensues.



Did I mention a lot of these questions, phrases and answers are pretty explicit? It’s like grown-up Apples to Apples.

The best part, however, is that Cards Against Humanity is available for free under the Creative Commons license, and as such, people have been creating their own cards and integrating them into the game. The latest, wildly popular theme? Doctor Who, of course.



Now you can take all your favourite sayings, thoughts and jokes from the show and make something magical with fellow Whovians! So if you’re feeling game, you can download the entire “Cards Against Gallifrey” deck from DropCanvas right now.


Fight the Drearies with This Doctor Who Lip Dub

I don’t know what it’s like where you are, but here it’s been pretty cold and grey. Not to worry, though – I’ve got a cure for the Winter blahs. A very nerdy cure.

The always charming David Tennant wanted to celebrate the end of his time as Doctor Who in style… very Scottish style i.e. this adorable cast and crew-wide lip dub of The Proclaimers classic “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)”.  Just try not to smile at the sight of the cool dance moves of the Ood or, my personal favourite, David Tennant fanboy-ing as he dances with The Proclaimers themselves:

Google Does Doctor Who

If you’ve somehow managed to navigate to this site before viewing Google today, you’re probably a miraculous minority. Bookmark as your home page, you say? Why, THANK YOU!


But yes, as this is the 50th of Doctor Who, Google’s getting in on the action with a SICK Whovian game! Choose your Doctor (you really can’t go wrong with Tennant, c’mon) and navigate through the levels collecting the letters of “Google”! PLUS if you die, it’s actually okay – you just come back as another Doctor at random.

Daleks, Weeping Angels, beware – Val’s in da HOUSE!

P.S. Excited for The Day of the Doctor as much as I am? The folks over at Ghergich & Co. have created a sweet, wall-worthy infographic to celebrate!

The Night of the Doctor


Okay, so to explain that: this is the 50th year of Doctor Who. 50. Years. Which might not mean much if you’re a Time Lord, but for the linearly-time-challenged, it’s almost a lifetime.

BBC has just released a brand-new mini-episode called The Night of the Doctor that shows the 8th Doctor’s last moments during the yet-unseen Time War, and it’s just SUPER well done. Have a looky:

You Just Can’t Kill Doctor Who

Just like the man himself, it appears the Doctor Who franchise will just keep regenerating.

As tweeted by yours truly yesterday, it appears the news is true that a bunch of lost episodes of old DW – and I mean old, possibly with the first two Doctors and everything! – have been found an returned to the BBC in London.



Weeeeellllllp! This is AWESOME news for Whovians e’erywhere. If it weren’t for the eps being put onto film and shipped to foreign countries back in the day, we wouldn’t be having these tidbits popping up every now and again.

I’m holding out hope we can get all of them back. Warehouse fires and intentional destruction be damned, think of the possibilities if we had all the Time Lords together?

Google Maps: Now Bigger On the Inside

Google has joined in the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who by including the TARDIS on Google maps! Click on this link to check out one of the last remaining Police Call Boxes (a.k.a. the model for the TARDIS) in Earl’s Court in London.


via The Mirror

Apparently, you can click on the call box and see the inside of the TARDIS.  I have been unable to do that, so if you’re also having trouble, click on this link to see the images.

This Amazing DIY Project is Bigger (and Even More Awesome) on the Inside

What Doctor Who fan hasn’t dreamed of making their own TARDIS, a magical time/space machine of their very own? Except… how many people have actually made one? And I’m not just talking about painting a trompe-l’oeil. Nope, I’m talking about lights and sound, baby!

So who would go to all that work? The cool folks at LeanKit, a software company in Nashville, Tennessee. THAT’S Who(vian)!


via Reddit user unnatural_rights

Check out selected pictures from the process below. Or, if you’re really geeking out on this (and let’s be honest, you are), check out the gallery of the whole process from LeanKit employee and Reddit user indomitablehef.

It may not actually travel through time and space, but I’ll take two, please.

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