Distractions Galore!

I’m on my lunch break at Birk, and it’s really a good thing, because I’m totally bombing at work today! I guess I really can’t stop thinking about how MEGA FRUSTRATED I am about my mother getting back together with Roger! Grr…

I mean, let’s look at the facts. He’s a CREEP. He bosses around my mother. He flirts with all the “legs” in the room…he’s just so icky! And I REALLY think Mother can do better…

I don’t even know how I’m going to concentrate at work…My job relies on me being able to commit to sending out positive vibes so I can help out callers, and I really don’t feel like I can do that today. And I don’t want my boss Dmitri to think it’s because I can’t handle having two jobs at once, because I can!

…it’s just…Roger? Is he really good for Mother? I don’t think she should be with him…and I really don’t know why she took him back.

First everything with Tim, now all this with Mother…I really feel like I need to focus on the POSITIVE relationships in my life right now! I know I shouldn’t ignore either, but I need something to distract me or I don’t think I’ll survive the rest of the day!

Re: plying to Re: Reading

It’s Monday, December 12th, and you know what that means!

Christopher from Re: Reading is back from his trip, so I’m preparing myself to phone in and arrange my first day of work.

I haven’t actually talked to my manager Dmitri about how my new schedule will work (that’s what this afternoon is for), but I’m thinking I’ll start Wednesday with Christopher.

That way, it doesn’t interrupt anything work-wise – AND it won’t even interrupt comics! It’ll probably be a training shift = shorter = a happy me!

Let’s hope this phone call doesn’t go down like this.

First Contact!

…since Tim went MIA yesterday!

He wasn’t in at the office today and I have to admit it was weird looking over at his desk and seeing it not just empty, but devoid of all “Tim”…he took all of his little knick-knacks when he left yesterday…pretty desolate.

Anyways, I got a hold of him when I got home and we arranged to meet and go out for drinks and talk about the elephant in the room…

Poor Tim looked like he’d seen better days. We didn’t talk that much about what actually went down in Dmitri’s office with all the shouting, but I asked him if he was going to talk to Dmitri about maybe trying to get back in at the office?

No. Tim said he’d rather not beg for his job back, which I can understand.

Though I did ask him if he’d go back to Birk with no strings attached and zero drama should the possibility come up…and he said “Yeah, of course…I need a job.”

He also said he might have something new on the horizon, though he was still thinking about it…


So basically he didn’t look the best he’d ever been, but also not the worst…I could also tell that there was something that was bugging him (three guesses what).

Now, I know he said he didn’t want to pester Dmitri about his job…but that doesn’t mean I can’t! I’ve also learned my lesson with meddling in people’s lives this past week with Guy and all, but this is different.

This is Tim’s job! And Dmitri and I are cool, so maybe playing middleman here could benefit everyone…

I sense a chat with the boss tomorrow!

Not out of the woods just yet…

Just got back from my “thank you for letting me reschedule my punishment shift so that I could go see the Harry Potter premiere” coffee with Joanne!

We talked about a lot of stuff, especially Harry Potter – I never would’ve pegged her for a fan if I hadn’t seen her walk out of the premiere with my own two eyes.

I’m thinking while it may not have started out as a great experience, having Joanne as a temp boss made me remember something: firstly, no matter how mean the book looks, don’t judge it by its cover and you may be surprised (I know I was)!

But towards the end of our conversation, she said something that reeaaally bugged me: Joanne admitted that she’d recently been thinking of letting Tim go.

Letting Tim go??? That BLEW me away! I was really careful in asking if she could actually do that, seeing as she was only a temporary manager at Birk…and she said she is fully trained and did some hiring/firing consultations in the past: so yes!!

When it came down to it though, she didn’t pull the plug on Tim…but she’s thinking about recommending it to Dmitri!!!

I dunno if I should tell Tim, though…would Dmitri actually take Joanne’s advice and fire him? Is it worth stressing Tim out over potentially nothing?

My conscience is crying a little right now…