The Top 5 “Get Lucky” Covers

This summer, the world fell in love with Daft Punk’s mega hit “Get Lucky“. Which, of course, means a legion of covers from the divine to the, um… less than that.



However, you don’t have to wade through all the meh to get to the amazing; I’ve grooved my way through a metric ton of videos to find you the very best covers the Internet has to offer. Now, in no particular order…

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Pharrell Williams Believes Daft Punk Are Actually Robots

Everybody loves Daft Punk, and everyone’s excited that their latest collaboration is with Pharrell Williams of N.E.R.D. fame. Have a listen, chum:

The track is hot, but this interview Pharrell did for Random Access Memories is confusing. It seems Pharrell believes Daft Punk are actually living robots from another planet and not Rrench people in helmets, as Wikipedia would suggest. He doesn’t even call them Daft Punk, he calls him “The Robots.” Keep reading >

Daft Swanson

Sometimes you find things on the internet and you’re like, “Wait, why did someone make a 9-minute loop of a drunk Ron Swanson dancing to this sample from a Daft Punk song?”

And then you look up and it’s 5:19pm and you’ve been watching the video for three consecutive hours because it is the greatest thing to occur to your eyeballs and your earholes since some genius realized that Adventure Time’s “Bacon Pancakes” pairs perfectly with “Empire State of Mind”.

In fairness, I may have an unusual capacity for listening to extremely long loops – I once wrote an entire twenty-page essay in university while listening to nothing but The Lonely Island’s “Kablamo”*. Still, I think I speak for us all when I say that:

#1. Anything involving Ron Swanson is good, and-

#2. See #1.

So add some Daft Swanson to your day – you’ll be glad you did.

*Incidentally, I got an A. Thanks, The Lonely Island!

Oh Guy, You Devil

I love my bff Guy. But man-o-man, he’s so thick sometimes! Take…uh…LAST NIGHT for instance.

We’re at the club where Rinz was DJing. Daft Punk vs Benny Benassi is playing. Guy and me are dancing at the edge of the crowd. Which is a miracle in itself that I was able to pull him away from the wall. He’s 6’4″ and doesn’t exactly like the attention that brings.

So we’re dancing. And this girl Tabby dances over to us. She’s a friend of Rinz’s I met when we played Hedbanz. We get to talking and I discover that Tabby just got dumped by her man. So I say, “Well you should talk to Guy. He just got dumped too. New Year’s Eve!” Well, okay, I didn’t exactly say it…. The music was loud. I yelled it.

Anyways, she keeps dancing with us, exchanges a couple words with Guy. I catch a sparkle in her eye….message to all men: women can communicate through ocular sparkles!

I take my cue and pay Rinz a visit behind his deck. But I’ve got a clear line of sight to Guy and Tabby.

I watch them move closer together :)

And then I’m over the moon when Tabby pulled his face down to hers and starts making out with him! I clap my hands and Rinz notices, cocks his head like “What’s up?”

I point out Guy and Tabby to him just in time for Guy to whisper something in her ear and for her to turn and walk off with a really hurt expression on her face.

“Oh fuck.” I said that.

Guy made a beeline for the exit but I stopped him before he got there. And I was like, “Dude what happened?”

Y’know what he said to me? “I don’t need your help to pick up drunk sluts.” And then he stormed out…WTF!… WTFF!

I felt so bad for Tabby. I found her in the bathroom. I apologized profusely and then held her hair out of her face while she puked.

When I got home, Guy was on the sofa, playing Civ5 on his laptop.

I said, “You’re an idiot sometimes, y’know.”

He said, “What’d I do!?”

I didn’t answer him. I went to bed.

I didn’t talk to him at all this morning. I left for work without saying goodbye. After the door closed behind me, I heard a muted sarcastic “Goodbye!”

Now I’m here at work. Solving other people’s problems.

Any advice interweb?

It’s called taking inventory

My first job was as a stocker for a shoe store. I worked there for 3 weeks and I learned everything I’ll ever need to know about organizing boxes in four dimensions. Aisle, row, column, time. Time is key. Y’see, without time, there’s no way to create inventory. And without inventory there’s no way to sell whatever’s in those boxes.

Now what the heck does this have to do with today?

Today is the day I paid a visit to my friendly neighborhood record store and purchased the newest work of my mysterious French boyfriends Daft Punk… Tron Legacy Soundtrack.

So you can imagine my dismay in seeing that there were no copies left on the featured rack! I asked scruffy-looking lip-ringed store manager if they were all out. He gave me that look that you give a sad puppy… Okay I probably looked like a sad puppy.

Anyway he suggested I check the OST section in the back aisle. I bolted like Sonic to the back…he might have still been talking. Sorry dude.

But there it was… the last copy in the store… sandwiched between Les Triplettes de Belleville and Troy. I grabbed it and slapped down a 20 faster than you can say TRON. Which is pretty fast. Only one syllable.

Then there was this guy behind me wearing a silver racing jacket with a pair of Carlos the Jackal sunglasses resting on his Astroboy-shaped hair. He asked me if he could have the Tron OST cause he’s DJ’ing a party next door and one of the hosts wants to give it to her boyfriend but she had no idea it came out yesterday, and when he told her it did, she begged him to come over here and get it for her to give to her boyfriend…(run-on sentence I know, but I’m getting all Virginia Woolf on yo’ ass!) And he’s playing the full version of Disco Inferno at the party right now so he only has a few minutes to get back to mix into the next song. I’m editing this for length. It literally took him a minute or 2 to ask.

Of course I let him have it.

Then he handed me a postcard for a warehouse party he’s DJ’ing tomorrow. It’s hard to read the postcard cause they really overdid it with the tagger font. I think it says 10 to 4.

Good times ahoy!