Stand-up Comic…Con!

Aahh, this is amazing! So guy’s here right now and we just got back from comic book shopping (you guessed it: some more Avengers stuff). But seeing as Guy’s Comic Con video is on schedule to come out on Thursday, I thought I’d show him some of what I’ve got so far.

The result?

I LOVE IT! Guy and I agree we didn’t know how well the whole Guy-interviewing-people thing would go because Guy is……well, GUY……but it’s actually pretty funny!

I guess this made such an impression on him that he JUST asked me if he could come to improv this week!!


I NEVER thought I’d hear that!! But it looks like my best bud is turning over a new leaf these days, and I can’t say I’m opposed to it.

Now, knowing him, there’s always a chance he could change his mind at the last minute…but here’s hoping he doesn’t.

Friday’s gonna be SICK!

Confidence Man!

Confidence Man is the new superhero alter ego I came up with to describe Guy!

Here’s my description of him: “Confidence Man stalks around the city (because he’s tall, and tall people stalk. I should know) wearing new duds that he got from an Earth Day clothing exchange. He rescues citizens from awkward moments by actually saying something now, and can be super funny in public and positive to “evil-doers”! He doesn’t have any time for dating, because Confidence Man is too busy being confident!” 

Okay, so it doesn’t sound exactly like a superhero, but I still think it’s great. :)

I’m just cutting the footage of Confidence Man in action at the Toronto Comic Con…it’ll come out on Thursday so look out!

Revelation proclamation!

Good afternoon everyone, and a happy lunchtime to you all!

Why am I so chipper you ask? Well, part of it is because of this…but also I had a really great day with Guy yesterday and I’m still feeling pumped!

When we went to buy comics we made it a themed day…AVENGERS ASSEMBLE! We only bought comics with members of the Avengers in them to celebrate how excited we are for the movie!! And then we went to the video store to grab Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Thor, and Captain America! We didn’t get through all of them – but we’ll probably finish ‘em off tonight!

I have to reiterate at this point…I LOVE CAPTAIN AMERICA. LOOOOOVE.

But Avengers movie marathon aside…what has really gotten me excited was a talk we had about our current dating lives. I was asking Guy if he happened to meet any nice girls at Comic Con on the weekend and he said: “I’m not looking right now.”

Fair enough – he just got his heart stomped on by Nisha-Who-Will-Not-Be-Named-Oops-I-Named-Her-By-Accident. So it makes sense that he’d want to take a break to deal with his emotions. I know from personal experience that being cheated on takes a LONG time to heal. You have to learn how to love yourself again, and how to trust a new partner.

And I applaud my best friend for dealing with this beautifully. In his words: “I want to focus on myself for awhile.”

ISN’T THAT GREAT?? It’s so great that I wanna do it too. Hasta la vista, dating.

File > New project…

Ai! 7:30 and home at last!

I finally FINALLY get to take a load off, sit down, and get to COMIC CON EDITING!! I’ve got a TON of footage to go through from this weekend and sculpt into cool little vids – my work is definitely cut out for me…

I’m planning on having the first one up on Thursday! If all goes well and my hard drive doesn’t crash and the file transfer doesn’t screw up and…

No jinxes, no jinxes! Nothing feels quite as exciting as going back to Comic Con 3 days after I left it. :)

Comic Con’d and Damn Happy.

Comic Con this weekend was a total success (even though I only got to be there 3 hours)! Guy and I interviewed a bunch of people, got to meet a bunch more people, and generally had the best time ever. I only wish we got to be there the same day… BUT he sent me a few photos he took yesterday, so I posted them on Facebook.

Hard to beat Impossible to beat. :)

The OTHER big event to happen this weekend was my mother’s move. Not to say we did the whole thing ourselves as I do not possess tree-trunk biceps (those moving men sure do though), but I helped take smaller things over and whatnot.

Right now, the new place is still a mess with heaps of STUFF that has to be sorted…but the move is done! So tonight’s all about unpacking and organizing…and maybe even a movie?

A my-mother-and-I-together movie event? I know, a year ago I would’ve never thunk it, but things change! Now the question is, what’s something we both want to see?

Comic Con!!!!!

Oh man! It was a whirlwind – but I made my three hours at Con today count big time!

Luckily, even though I have to help mother move tomorrow – Guy will take some pics for me, run my booth, AND do interviews tomorrow for my channel! Yes!!

Here are some pics from today for perusal….let me know if the link doesn’t work!

I’ll upload some footage I shot soon too…I interviewed Sean Maher! Also 2x Boba Fett! You’ll see what that means in the video…

I have to go now though. :(

I’m heading up to my mother’s now because we have to get an early start tomorrow. I’ll send you updates on Guy’s day tomorrow soon!

Wish him luck! (in your head, because otherwise he’ll punch me if he knows I told people to do that) :P

One more sleep!

The concert last night was SUPER AMAZEBALLS! Boy those Icelanders know how to get a room going, bring it down to sleepyville, and then right back up again to a dancefest! TERRIFIC!

However, as awesome as it was, it can’t HELP but be overshadowed by the impending…

The monumental…


TORONTO COMIC CON 2012!!! Only ONE MORE SLEEP until the big day! And I say big DAY, being singular…let me explain.

So I spoke to my mother this morning and it turns out she needs help moving…on SUNDAY MORNING. SUNDAY AFTERNOON. SUNDAY EVENING. Which means I’ll only be able to make it to Saturday’s festivities – but not until 4pm-ish (work beforehand)!


I’m so bummed! However…it’s not all bad. Because last night at the concert, I FINALLY convinced Guy to come to the Con! So on Sunday, he’s gonna be filling in for me at my booth! Yay Guy! I’ve also got a few other friends who are gonna be running my booth when I can’t be there on Saturday and Sunday, so there’ll be no shortage of SNG stuff/people to see!

I’ll try to be as active as possible online over the weekend, but it still may be a little quiet on the interwebs with everything going on. Still though, I’ll do my best!


Monumental Thursday

So the last 24 hours have been pretty intense……

Guy dumped Nisha for fooling around with Adam (again, ICK!) which made me super proud but Guy sort of sad……and despite some traditional Chinese food on Tuesday night, he wasn’t exactly feeling chipper. Poor Guy….

It kind of carried over to yesterday, so we didn’t do our usual comic book adventuring – TOTALLY understandable. Instead I picked up an extra shift at Re: Reading and recorded a vlog while I was there! So not too shabby for productiveness over all on my end.

Did I say the last 24 hours have been intense? Add the NEXT 24 hours to that too….


- Phone Adam and have a little chat with him……


- Hit up this great concert Guy and Nisha formerly had tickets to! Well, Guy still has the tickets, but it’s safe to say Nisha won’t be going.

Gonna be an intense yet RAD Thursday!